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    • Pretty heavy discount. $399.00 for the FL Studio All Plugins Edition. Normally $899.00. Ends November 30, 2020. https://support.image-line.com/jshop/shop.php Black Friday Sale! Valid only until 30 Nov 2020 Turn 2020 around with an epic win - Get FL Studio All Plugins Edition for 55% OFF! Includes Lifetime Free Updates so you never have to pay to update your DAW again. FL Studio with all the native plugins you want and none of the hassles you don't need. Existing FL Studio customers get a huge upgrade discount too. Login to see your personalised offer.
    • No. Typically a wallet platform that most use like Coinbase for example or Cash app have tax document export features to make it easy for you to import into something like TurboTax etc. Cryptocurrency is yours and yours only when it comes down to it, you do not have to pay tax on crypto you own or hodl. You are your own bank, your financial institution etc. by owning cryptocurrency. Everything is your sole personal responsibility, security, taxes, etc. Typically for most areas you only have to pay tax on actual trades if any are done. Taxes though are entirely dependent upon the jurisdiction that you live in.
    • Something I left out on my response, which is my favorite reason to mine. You basically have either a solo mined coin that no one has touched before, or you are being paid by a pool and basically the 2nd person to touch the coin. In a way this is as anonymous as you will get with your cryptocurrency. So there is some extra value depending on how you perceive that.
    • Yes any modern graphics card really, as far as profitability, it doesn't really profitable unless you are investing $xx,xxx+ into a mining operation. Mining is really at this point starting to somewhat phase out for the smaller miners, big chinese monopolies have been dominating the mining industry for years now (Bitmain) on the Bitcoin side of things. Ethereum is somewhat viable with cards like a 2080/3080/3090 etc. and random PoW hitters or like coins like Denarius that may not be profitable to mine currently but can be good ways to accumulate coins. A lot of coins now and a lot of people currently stake (Proof of Stake) like with Denarius for example. I am sure there are some out here that have better mining profitability calculations, but there are lots of sites that also can calculate it for you https://whattomine.com/ https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator/    
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