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    • The above got me to thinking, how can I automate this? And that's where this script was born. https://gist.github.com/buzzkillb/878ff03068f141b01fa8afdcc92d9a25 What the script does is the user sets some parameters to look for in their wallet. Such as more than 1 input and a sum balance on an address of more than 0.001 D, and the script will search all of those addresses out, and combine every input in the address and send all of that back into the same address. Lets say you run a fortunastake and have 100's of 0.00000000 D inputs per address. This can help clear that up. Or you have been staking for a while and also mining, this can clear that up. If you run an exchange? Probably might work to clear the dust up. Basically does all of the steps above in a very crude bash script using jq, bc, awk, sed and some loops. All the user has to pay each time this is run is the tx fee per address.
    • I was looking for a way to clean up my inputs without going one by one in the QT and using coin control, when I stumbled upon an older post of someone asking how to do this on Bitcoin as this seems to happen frequently. The idea was take a bunch of small inputs (dust) and combine with a larger amount and send. Over time with a lot of transactions and staking the inputs get to become many and very small. The basic way to create a raw transaction is by looking at your unspent list of transactions listunspent Which looks like this for my mining pool wallet which has a bunch of 0 fees after Denarius hit block 3mil 0 POW rewards and only mines tx fees. Lets say I am going to create a new address [DRiQL7nc1zXmSaxVswutYu2CGZtsEBqfQQ] and send those 3 amounts to it. We need to take note of the txid, vout, amount and tx fee for our coin. Denarius txfee is 0.00001 D Line by line lets copy down what we need f6d277fff890a86de7699e7ec8074e323556d89e895e652357da79c0d5fb77de 2 0.00000000 fa4c40deff3c9ac2eed8d20d21396465bcb19d4686583a1628b95e9a03f8ab4a 2 0.00000000 fb6e9ffdcb5b453e19fc7f46420faa329dd1ad1ec72699bdfa3f4856a24b362a 1 2.46936988 the total amount is 2.46936988 and then subtract 0.00001 & 0.00000001 for good measure, and send 2.46935987 D to our new address and combine these 3 inputs. createrawtransaction "[{\"txid\":\"f6d277fff890a86de7699e7ec8074e323556d89e895e652357da79c0d5fb77de\",\"vout\":2},{\"txid\":\"fa4c40deff3c9ac2eed8d20d21396465bcb19d4686583a1628b95e9a03f8ab4a\",\"vout\":2},{\"txid\":\"fb6e9ffdcb5b453e19fc7f46420faa329dd1ad1ec72699bdfa3f4856a24b362a\",\"vout\":1}]" {\"DRiQL7nc1zXmSaxVswutYu2CGZtsEBqfQQ\":2.46935987} Type this into the debug console or daemon line and adjust your txid's, vout's and at the end adjust your send to address and amount to send. Those \ seem to be required for this wallet to parse what you are sending in. This spits a transaction out. 01000000d3568d5e03de77fbd5c079da5723655e899ed85635324e07c87e9e69e76da890f8ff77d2f60200000000ffffffff4aabf8039a5eb928163a5886469db1bc656439210dd2d8eec29a3cffde404cfa0200000000ffffffff2a364ba256483ffabd9926c71eadd19d32aa0f42467ffc193e455bcbfd9f6efb0100000000ffffffff01b3f1b70e000000001976a914e1af17e42eba3528c9b9bd32e0df648e06eb0dcd88ac00000000 Now we want to sign the transaction from our wallet. signrawtransaction and the white output from above. signrawtransaction 01000000d3568d5e03de77fbd5c079da5723655e899ed85635324e07c87e9e69e76da890f8ff77d2f60200000000ffffffff4aabf8039a5eb928163a5886469db1bc656439210dd2d8eec29a3cffde404cfa0200000000ffffffff2a364ba256483ffabd9926c71eadd19d32aa0f42467ffc193e455bcbfd9f6efb0100000000ffffffff01b3f1b70e000000001976a914e1af17e42eba3528c9b9bd32e0df648e06eb0dcd88ac00000000 This spits the signed info out. { "hex" : "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", "complete" : true } Now for the send. sendrawtransaction and the long white out between the quotes. sendrawtransaction 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 And then you get your new transaction id to check on the explorer. 1d9f74c8a791d004a83348b2350a9f25f67646f7baa632890ebe9e533275b359 Check on coinexplorer https://www.coinexplorer.net/D/transaction/1d9f74c8a791d004a83348b2350a9f25f67646f7baa632890ebe9e533275b359 and we can see the 3 inputs are now combined into a new address. Also those 0.00000000's disappear from our wallet.
    • Going to look at this, this week. Generic seeder sounds perfect. Denarius has 2 main block explorers and sometimes 1 or the other loses sync and gets stuck for a while. Can your failover allow it to check both and pick the higher height?
    • I recently added a few new features to my generic-seeder project. New changes are as follows: Added a new config option for a 2nd explorer to be used as a fail-over in case the 1st explorer goes offline Added a new config option to specify how many seconds to wait between re-checking the explorer block height (previously it was hardcoded to 60 seconds) Added a new cmd line argument to force connections to IPv4 or IPv6 only if desired. Many blockchain networks are populated with nodes on either IPv4 or IPv6. There may be scenarios where one might want to find only the IPv4 nodes or only the IPv6 nodes on a blockchain network and this is this simplest way you could accomplish that. Added a step-by-step setup guide which details setting up the seeder using either cloudflare integration or the local DNS server source code and more info available here: https://github.com/team-exor/generic-seeder
    • NBMiner GPU Miner for RVN, ETH, GRIN, AE, BTM, SERO, HNS, BFC, SIPC, TRB.     Download Download From Mega Release:  Download NBMiner Performance (stock frequency)   Code: | Algorithm        |  Coin   |  P106-100  |  P104-8G   |   1070ti   |  1080ti  |   2080   | RX580 2048sp | | :--------------- | :-----: | :--------: | :--------: | :--------: | :------: | :------: | :----------: | | tensority        |   BTM   |   1,900    |    3000    |   3,400    |  5,000   |  11,500  |      X       | | ethash           |   ETH   |   21.2M    |   34.5M    |   26.9M    |   46M    |  35.5M   |      X       | | tensority_ethash | BTM+ETH | 950+15.5M  | 1600+26.5M |  1350+22M  | 2450+40M | 7000+28M |      X       | | cuckaroo         | GRIN29  |    3.45    |    5.6     |    5.25    |   8.1    |   8.9    |      X       | | cuckarood        | GRIN29  |    3.45    |    5.6     |    5.25    |   8.1    |   9.1    |      X       | | cuckatoo         | GRIN31  |     -      |    0.89    |    0.94    |   1.56   |   1.65   |      X       | | cuckoo_ae        |   AE    |    3.35    |    5.5     |    5.15    |   7.9    |   8.75   |      X       | | cuckaroo_swap    |  SWAP   |    3.45    |    5.6     |    5.25    |   8.1    |   8.9    |      X       | | progpow_sero     |  SERO   |   10.3M    |   17.5M    |   13.3M    |  22.5M   |  25.8M   |     10M      | | sipc             |  SIPC   |    600k    |    940k    |    780k    |  1170k   |  1050k   |      X       | | eaglesong        |   CKB   |    430M    |    640M    |    740M    |  1150M   |  1160M   |     350M     | | eaglesong_ethash | CKB+ETH | 203M+20.5M |  275M+34M  | 415M+26.5M | 600M+44M | 790M+36M |   200M+22M   | | bfc              |   BFC   |     80     |    130     |    120     |   190    |   210    |      X       | | hns              |   HNS   |    170M    |    255M    |    300M    |   455M   |   425M   |     145M     | | hns_ethash       | HNS+ETH |  76M+19M   |  120M+30M  | 158M+26.2M | 176M+44M | 305M+34M |  68M+22.5M   | | trb              |   TRB   |    280M    |    435M    |    510M    |   750M   |   880M   |      X       | | trb_ethash       | TRB+ETH | 122M+20.3M |  170M+34M  | 240M+26.7M | 315M+45M |    -     |      X       | | kawpow           |  RVNt   |   10.3M    |   17.5M    |   13.3M    |  22.5M   |  25.8M   |    10.3M     | Features Support Windows & Linux. Support backup mining pool configuration. Support SSL connection to mining pools. Dev Fee tensority_ethash 3%, tensority(Pascal) 2%, tensority(Turing) 3%, ethash 0.65%, cuckaroo & cuckatoo & cuckaroo_swap 2%, progpow_sero 2%, sipc 2%, bfc 3% hns 2%, hns_ethash 3%, trb 2%, trb_ethash 3%, kawpow 2% Requirements   Code: | Algorithm        |  Coin   | Compute Capability | Memory (Win7 & Linux) | Memory (Win10) | | :--------------- | :-----: | :----------------: | :-------------------: | :------------: | | tensority        |   BTM   |   6.1, 7.0, 7.5    |          1GB          |      1GB       | | ethash           |   ETH   | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |          4GB          |      4GB       | | tensority_ethash | BTM+ETH |   6.1, 7.0, 7.5    |          4GB          |      4GB       | | cuckaroo(d)      | GRIN29  | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |          5GB          |      6GB       | | cuckatoo         | GRIN31  | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |          8GB          |      10GB      | | cuckoo_ae        |   AE    | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |          5GB          |      6GB       | | cuckaroo_swap    |  SWAP   | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |          5GB          |      6GB       | | progpow_sero     |  SERO   |     6.0 - 7.5      |          2GB          |      2GB       | | sipc             |  SIPC   | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |          1GB          |      1GB       | | eaglesong        |   CKB   | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |         0.1GB         |     0.1GB      | | eaglesong_ethash | CKB+ETH | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |          4GB          |      4GB       | | bfc              |   BFC   | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |          5GB          |      6GB       | | hns              |   HNS   | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |         0.1GB         |     0.1GB      | | hns_ethash       | HNS+ETH | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |          4GB          |      4GB       | | trb              |   TRB   | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |         0.1GB         |     0.1GB      | | trb_ethash       | TRB+ETH | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |          4GB          |      4GB       | | kawpow           |  RVNt   | 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.5 |          3GB          |      3GB       | Sample Usages BTM f2pool:        nbminer -a tensority -o stratum+tcp://btm.f2pool.com:9221 -u bm1xxxxxxxxxx.worker antpool:      nbminer -a tensority -o stratum+tcp://stratum-btm.antpool.com:6666 -u username.worker matpool.io: nbminer -a tensority -o stratum+tcp://btm.matpool.io:8118 -u bm1xxxxxxxxxxx.worker ETH ethermine:  nbminer -a ethash -o ethproxy+tcp://asia1.ethermine.org -u 0x12343bdgf.worker sparkpool:   nbminer -a ethash -o ethproxy+tcp://cn.sparkpool.com:3333 -u 0x12343bdgf.worker f2pool:        nbminer -a ethash -o ethproxy+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:8008 -u 0x12343bdgf.worker nanopool:   nbminer -a ethash -o ethproxy+tcp://eth-asia1.nanopool.org:9999 -u 0x12343bdgf.worker nicehash:    nbminer -a ethash -o nicehash+tcp://daggerhashimoto.eu.nicehash.com:3353 -u btc_address.worker BTM+ETH f2pool:        nbminer -a tensority_ethash -o stratum+tcp://btm.f2pool.com:9221 -u btm_address.btm_worker -do ethproxy+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:8008 -du eth_address.eth_worker Grin29 sparkpool:  nbminer -a cuckarood -o stratum+tcp://grin.sparkpool.com:6666 -u [email protected]/worker f2pool:        nbminer -a cuckarood -o stratum+tcp://grin29.f2pool.com:13654 -u username.worker:passwd nicehash:    nbminer -a cuckarood -o nicehash+tcp://grincuckaroo29.eu.nicehash.com:3371 -u btc_address.worker Grin31 sparkpool:  nbminer -a cuckatoo -o stratum+tcp://grin.sparkpool.com:66667-u [email protected]/worker f2pool:        nbminer -a cuckatoo -o stratum+tcp://grin31.f2pool.com:13654 -u username.worker:passwd nicehash:    nbminer -a cuckatoo -o nicehash+tcp://grincuckaroo31.eu.nicehash.com:3372 -u btc_address.worker AE f2pool:        nbminer -a cuckoo_ae -o stratum+tcp://ae.f2pool.com:7898 -u ak_xxxxxxx.worker:passwd beepool:     nbminer -a cuckoo_ae -o stratum+tcp://ae-pool.beepool.org:9505 -u ak_xxxx.worker:passwd uupool:       nbminer -a cuckoo_ae -o stratum+tcp://ae.uupool.cn:6210 -u ak_xxxxxx.worker:passwd nicehash:   nbminer -a cuckoo_ae -o nicehash+tcp://cuckoocycle.eu.nicehash.com:3376 -u btc_address.test SWAP luckypool:        nbminer -a cuckaroo_swap -o stratum+tcp://swap2.luckypool.io:4466 -u wallet_address:worker herominers:     nbminer -a cuckaroo_swap -o stratum+tcp://swap.herominers.com:10441 -u wallet_address.worker herominers solo:     nbminer -a cuckaroo_swap -o stratum+tcp://swap.herominers.com:10441 -u solo:wallet_address.worker:arbitrary SERO beepool: nbminer -a progpow_sero -o stratum+tcp://sero-pool.beepool.org:9515 -u wallet_address.worker:pswd f2pool:  nbminer -a progpow_sero -o stratum+tcp//sero.f2pool.com:4200 -u wallet_address.worker:pswd SIPC simpool: nbminer -a sipc -o stratum+tcp://sipc.simpool.vip:8801 -u username.worker:passwd matpool: nbminer -a sipc -o stratum+tcp://sipc.matpool.io:11100 -u username.worker:passwd CKB sparkpool: nbminer -a eaglesong -o stratum+tcp://ckb.sparkpool.com:8888 -u user.worker:passwd beepool: nbminer -a eaglesong -o stratum+tcp://ckb-pool.beepool.org:9550 -u email/worker:passwd uupool: nbminer -a eaglesong -o stratum+tcp://ckb.uupool.cn:10861 -u user.worker:passwd f2pool: nbminer -a eaglesong -o stratum+tcp://ckb.f2pool.com:4300 -u wallet.worker:passwd CKB+ETH sparkpool: nbminer -a eaglesong_ethash -o stratum+tcp://ckb.sparkpool.com:8888 -u user.worker:passwd -do stratum+tcp://cn.sparkpool.com:3333 -du wallet.worker:passwd beepool: nbminer -a eaglesong_ethash -o stratum+tcp://ckb-pool.beepool.org:9550 -u email/worker:passwd -do stratum+tcp://eth-pool.beepool.org:9530 -du wallet.worker:passwd uupool: nbminer -a eaglesong_ethash -o stratum+tcp://ckb.uupool.cn:10861 -u user.worker:passwd      -do stratum+tcp://eth.uupool.cn:8008 -du wallet.worker:passwd f2pool: nbminer -a eaglesong_ethash -o stratum+tcp://ckb.f2pool.com:4300 -u wallet.worker:passwd     -do stratum+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:8008 -du wallet.worker:passwd BFC uupool: nbminer -a bfc -o stratum+tcp://bfc.uupool.cn:12210 -u user.worker bfcpool: nbminer -a bfc -o stratum+tcp://ss.bfcpool.com:3333 -u wallet.worker HNS f2pool: nbminer -a hns -o stratum+tcp://hns.f2pool.com:6000 -u wallet.worker HNS+ETH f2pool: nbminer -a hns_ethash -o stratum+tcp://hns.f2pool.com:6000 -u wallet.worker -do stratum+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:8008 -du wallet.worker TRB uupool: nbminer -a trb -o stratum+tcp://trb.uupool.cn:11002 -u wallet.worker hashpool: nbminer -a trb -o stratum+tcp://pplns.trb.stratum.hashpool.com:8208 -u wallet.worker TRB+ETH uupool: nbminer -a trb_ethash -o stratum+tcp://trb.uupool.cn:11002 -u wallet.worker -do stratum+tcp://eth.uupool.cn:8008 -du wallet.worker RVNt minermore: nbminer -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp://rvnt.minermore.com:4505 -u wallet.worker:passwd CMD options -h, --help    Displays this help. -v, --version    Displays version information. -c, --config <config file path>    Use json format config file rather than cmd line options. -a, --algo <algo>    Select mining algorithm                      BTM: tensority                      ETH: ethash                      BTM+ETH: tensority_ethash                      Grin29: cuckaroo                      Grin31: cuckatoo                      SWAP:  cuckaroo_swap --api  <host:port>    The endpoint for serving REST API. -o, --url <url>    Mining pool url.                    BTM: stratum+tcp://btm.f2pool.com:9221                    BTM with SSL: stratum+ssl://btm.f2pool.com:9443                    ETH: ethproxy+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:8008                    ETH with NiceHash: ethnh+tcp://daggerhashimoto.eu.nicehash.com:3353 -u, --user <user>    User used in Mining pool, wallet address or username. -o1, --url1 <url> url for backup mining pool 1. -u1, --user1 <user> username for backup mining pool 1. -o2, --url2 <url> url for backup mining pool 2. -u2, --user2 <user> username for backup mining pool 2. -di, --secondary-intensity <intensity>    The relative intensity when dual mining. -do, --secondary-url <url>    ETH mining pool when dual mining. -du, --secondary-user <user>    ETH username when dual mining. -do1, --secondary-url1 <url>    Backup 1 ETH mining pool when dual mining. -du1, --secondary-user1 <user>    Backup 1 ETH username when dual mining. -do2, --secondary-url2 <url>    Backup 2 ETH mining pool when dual mining. -du2, --secondary-user2 <user>    Backup 2 ETH username when dual mining. -d, --devices <devices>    Specify GPU list to use. Format: "-d 0,1,2,3" to use first 4 GPU. -i, --intensity \<intensities>    Comma-separated list of intensities (1 -100). -strict-ssl    Check validity of certificate when use SSL connection. --cuckoo-intensity <intensity>    Set intensity of cuckoo, cuckaroo, cuckatoo, [1, 12]. Set to 0 means autumatically adapt. Default: 0. --cuckatoo-power-optimize Set this option to reduce the range of power consumed by rig when minining with algo cuckatoo. This feature can reduce the chance of power supply shutdown caused by overpowered. Warning: Setting this option may cause drop on minining performance. --temperature-limit <temp-limit> Set temperature limit of GPU, if exceeds, stop GPU for 10 seconds and continue. -log    Generate log file named `log_<timestamp>.txt`. --log-file <filename>    Generate custom log file. Note: This option will override `--log`. --no-nvml    Do not query cuda device health status. --fidelity-timeframe \<timeframe>    Set timeframe for the calculation of fidelity, unit in hour. Default: 24. -long-format    Use 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,zzz' for log time format. --device-info Print device cuda information.  --fee <fee>    Change devfee in percentage, [0-5]. Set to '0' to turn off devfee with lower hashrate. Otherwise, devfee = max(set_value, def_value). --generate-config \<filename>    Generate a sample config json file. --no-watchdog    Disable watchdog process. --platform \<platform>    Choose platform,0: NVIDIA+AMD (default), 1: NVIDIA only, 2: AMD only API Reference Web Monitor Open http://api_host:port/ in your browser to use web monitor. Default: Requests [/list][/list] Code: GET http://api_host:port/api/v1/status Response Sample Code: {     "miner": {         "devices": [{             "core_clock": 1556,             "core_utilization": 100,             "fan": 36,             "hashrate": 1499,             "hashrate2": "23.0 M",             "hashrate_raw": 1499,             "hashrate2_raw": 23030000,             "id": 0,             "info": "GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11178 MB",             "power": 182,             "temperature": 65         }, {             "core_clock": 1518,             "core_utilization": 100,             "fan": 34,             "hashrate": 1490,             "id": 1,             "info": "GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11178 MB",             "power": 172,             "temperature": 62         }],         "total_hashrate": 2989,         "total_hashrate_raw": 2989,        "total_hashrate2": "48.3 M",         "total_hashrate2_raw": 48308746,         "total_power_consume": 354     },     "start_time": 1532482659,     "stratum": {         "accepted_share_rate": 0.99,         "accepted_shares": 99,         "password": "",         "rejected_share_rate": 0.01,         "rejected_shares": 1,         "url": "btm.pool.zhizh[Suspicious link removed]p:3859",         "use_ssl": false,         "user": "bmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.test",         "difficulty": "0003ffff",         "latency": 65     },     "version": "v10.0" } Change Log v29.0(2020-04-03) Add support for RVN new algo 'kawpow' mining on Nvidia & AMD gpus. v28.1(2020-03-30) Support HNS & HNS+ETH mining on NiceHash v28.0(2020-03-28) Add support for mining TRB & TRB+ETH on Nvidia GPU Add support for mining ETH on `miningrigrentals`. Minor improvements and fixes. v27.7(2020-03-14) Fix ETH mining on NiceHash. Fix NVML initialization failure on certain cases. v27.6(2020-03-14) Improve HNS & HNS+ETH on Nvidia GPU. v27.5(2020-03-05) Fix high ETH reject rate on certain pools when mining HNS+ETH. Slightly improve mining HNS+ETH on Nvidia GPU. v27.4(2020-02-28) Fix support the certain AMD Vega GPUs. Fix a potential bug when mining under AMD+Nvidia mixed rig. v27.3(2020-02-27) Add HNS+ETH mining on AMD GPU Improve HNS+ETH performance on Nvidia GPU Note: `-di` calculation is changed in this version for HNS+ETH.    The value of `-di`  = `work_size_of_hns` / `work_size_of_eth`     E.g, `-di 5`  on a stock freq 1070ti will get 26M for eth & 130M for hns. v27.2(2020-02-20) Improve HNS performance on AMD GPU v27.1(2020-02-19) Improve HNS performance on Nvidia GPU Add support for HNS mining for AMD GPU v27.0(2020-02-18) Add support for HNS & HNS_ETH mining for NVIDIA GPU Minor bug fix and improvements. v26.2(2019-11-21)   Improve CKB+ETH performance on AMD GPU. Fix bug of 26.1: Launch crash on certain AMD rigs. v26.1(2019-11-15)   Add support for mining CKB+ETH on AMD GPU. Improve performance for mining CKB on Nvidia GPU. v26.0(2019-10-11)   Add support for BFC mininig on Nvidia GPU. Fix CKB compatibility on AMD GPU. Fix cuckcoocycle on nicehash. v25.5(2019-10-05)   Fix a bug when mining CKB+ETH. Fix a compatibility issue in CKB stratum protocol. v25.4(2019-10-04)   Improve CKB mining performance on both NVIDIA & AMD cards. Improve CKB+ETH performance on NVIDIA cards. Add support for mining SERO on AMD cards. Add a new option `--platform` to allow users to choose GPU platform. v25.2(2019-09-10)   Add support for `CKB` mining on AMD cards under linux. Bug fix. v25.1(2019-09-07)   Add support for `CKB` mining on AMD cards. v25.0(2019-09-05)   Add support for `CKB` mining & `CKB`+`ETH` dual mining. Enhance `-di` parameter to support comma separated list to specify `-di` value for each card. The default value of `-di` for `CKB`+`ETH` mining ranges from 4 ~ 8 depending on GPU model, valid value range in [1, 10], higher value means higher intensity for `ETH`. The best value of `-di` differs by GPU model, overclock and power limitation. v24.4(2019-08-16) Fix SIPC dxpool compatibility. 1080 & 1080ti  users should use `OhGodAnETHlargementPill` to boost SIPC performance. v24.3(2019-08-15) Add support for mining SIPC. Fix high CPU usage mining SERO with 24.1 & 24.2 Fix Grin intensity. v24.2(2019-07-17) Disable the auto-switch from cuckaroo -> cuckarood Slightliy improve RTX2060 Grin29 performance under win10 Fix startup stuck issue on some linux distro. Add new option `--generate-config` to generate a sample config file. Note: Linux sero mining need to set a env before start if run with --no-watchdog, please check start_sero.sh v24.1(2019-07-16) Fix lower hashrate than previous version for Grin29 & AE on 10xx 6GB cards Fix mining Grin29 AE on Turing 6GB Cards on Win10. Fix the disfunction of auto-reboot when GPU error happens. Fix start using json config file. Change the GPU MEM size display upon launch from Total Size to Available Size. v24.0(2019-07-15) Support Grin29 fork on 17th, July.   When using algo `cuckaroo`, v24.0 will do an automatically switch to `cuckarood` on height 262080.   Add a temporary option `-grin29-fork-height`, user can test the auto-switch by setting this option to lower height value. Improve performance on Grin29 & AE. Add support for mining `SERO`, algo `progpow_sero`. Add option `-intensity` to set the intensity level for each GPU. Add option `-fidelity-timeframe` to customize the timeframe for fidelity calculation. Add option `-log-file` to set a specified log filename. Add option `-no-nvml` to close the periodical query for GPU status. Add new method to turn on NiceHash protocol, `nicehash+tcp://`   Also compatible with previous url based method. Minor improvement and bug fix. v23.3(2019-06-14) Fix mining AE (cuckoocycle) on NiceHash. Add option to set a temperature limit on GPU. v23.2(2019-05-09) Improve Grin & AE & SWAP performance. Add support for mining AE on NiceHash. Add display output of Fidelity. Minor improvement and bug fix. v22.3(2019-04-15) Improve performance of Grin31 on 1080ti & 2080ti. v22.2(2019-04-15) Improve compatiblity for mining Grin31 on windows 8GB cards. Set default --cuckoo-intensity to 4, lower CPU usage on default settings when mining Grin & AE. v22.1(2019-04-12) Add support for mining Swap (XWP). Improve Grin29 & AEperformance. Improve Windows compatibility on Grin & AE, significant boost on performance. v21.4(2019-04-03) Improve Grin31 performance. Improve performance of Grin29 & AE on RTX cards. Fix Grin31 compatibility on Win7 with 8G cards. New option to reduce the range of power consumption by multi-gpu rig. Add miner Up Time print in cmd outputs. v21.3(2019-03-20) Fix bug: Occasionlly lower local hashrate than previously version. Do not run GPU if mining pool not connected when mining Grin & AE. v21.2(2019-03-15) Fix bug: "GPU hung detected" happens under some normal conditions. v21.1(2019-03-14) Improve Grin29 performance Add support for mining Grin & AE on Turing cards. Add detection for GPU hung. Increase chance of accept share when mining Grin on NiceHash. Fix ETH mining on NiceHash. Fix "accecpt share checking" bug  when using backup mining pools. v21.0(2019-03-06) Add suuport for AE (Aeternity) Improve performance on Grin29 & Grin31 Improve miner stability. v20.0(2019-02-21) Add support for Grin31 Add support for mining Grin on NiceHash Add new option to tune CPU usage when mining Grin. Improve BTM+ETH performance on RTX cards. FIx bug of lower hashrate when mining BTM on rigs with mixed 10 series and 20 series cards. Do not add a default worker name if no worker name specified by user. v14.0(2019-01-30) BTM mining, improve over 200% on RTX cards. Improve Grin mining. v13.2(2019-01-17) Add support mining Grin on 1066-win10. Fix support for Solo mining using grin-server. v13.1(2019-01-15) Add support for mining Grin coin (cuckaroo29). Minor bug fix and improvement. v12.4(2018-01-05) Improve hashrate of BTM+ETH dual mining about 6%. v12.3(2018-12-30) Fix a bug that could cause many reject shares when epoch changes under ETH dual mining . v12.2(2018-12-26) Fix high stale share and reject share ratio when use big `-di` for dual mining BTM+ETH. Fix the support of web monitor for dual mining. Minor bug fixs and improvements. v12.1(2018-12-24) Fix support ETH PPS+ mode on F2pool Add support for ETH on NiceHash (with protocol header `ethnh`) Fix rest api when dual mining. Minor bug fixs. v12.0(2018-12-19) **New `BTM+ETH` dual mining mode.** Decrease the required driver version to 377. Temporarily remove support for XMR mining. Fix start using config file. Add a default protocol header if not specified. v11.0(2018-12-12) Improve BTM hashrate. Add support for ETH and XMR mining. Optimize handle for new job, increase profit on mining pool. Colorful output on console. Add support for backup mining pools. Decrease dev fee of BTM to 2%. v10.0(2018-10-03) Improve hashrate v9.0(2018-08-28) Improve hashrate ~30% Improve stability v8.0(2018-08-17) Improve hashrate 10% 15% Lower skipped share rate, increase actual hashrate on mining pool. Added display for mining pool latency. Added display for mining pool difficulty. Improve API web monitor.
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