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  2. By normal standard of living you mean in terms of comfort?
  3. Love what I do and it makes me happy and gives me a high income. I open a real account and trade cryptocurrency. It gives me a wonderful opportunity to work where and when I want. Moreover, on this forex broker there are normal conditions, so you can try too
  4. Is it easy to become a trader?
  5. what are you doing to ensure a normal standard of living?
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  11. Thanks for the guide! My network went down, and when I went to restart the FTM node, I get the error " Fatal: Failed to make engine: failed to open existing databases: dirty state: gossip-20716: DE0016AE75E86720388516AE75E8D6B79762 " What should I do to fix it? Thanks again!
  12. nice tutorial, thanks ! i try just to setup a read only node FANTOM to use as a RPC , but without cloudflare, on my dedicated server and i need ws and http Do i just need to delete --nat extip: ? ./opera --genesis ~/mainnet.g --nat extip: --nousb --http --http.vhosts="*" --http.corsdomain="*" --ws --ws.origins="*" --http.api="ftm,eth,debug,admin,web3,personal,net,txpool,sfc"
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  18. can anybody help me set up the generic seeder with cloudflare on linux mint? i'm not sure what to put in cf_domain_prefix
  19. I'm so happy right now I am a thrift collector I collected cash from my customers two months ago I received about $26000 I decided to convert it to a lot cause I needed some cash I decided to invest in a cryptocurrency site which they told me I will earn huge profit and this is to just scam me with there trick I invested all the money I collect from my customers and invested in the company after a month I decided to withdraw from the cryptocurrency wallet I was not able to get my cashback on my quora page I saw a post on my page saying about a site that he was scammed through a romance scam wrote on the answer that someone helped him received his lost cash so I decided to contact the scam specialist and forward him the information about the site I was scammed he said I should be rest assured that he will help me recover my lost cash between a week I was able to recover my lost BTC you can check on him if you have been scammed I am very sure he will help you recover your lost cash on his Gmail [email protected] or you can check his quora https://www.quora.com/profile/Miguel-Hernandez-1498 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Thanks!!! I'll check it today, I'll tell you tomorrow
  21. for example One of the most popular and effective mining programs is – Awesome Miner, GUI Miner, Video Cards AMD – OverdriveNTool Nvidia rtx3060 – 470.05 Beta driver, 472.12 Bios - RED BIOS EDITOR, NiBiTor, Phoenix Bios Editor
  22. Let's say I have a room, electricity and racks. Collected several rigs. How do I start them? What software do you need?
  23. This is a very big job. We must start with the formation and the budgetary part depending on what equipment you use. Are you going to use video cards? what? start with a training video, usually on websites along with programs, there are instructions and training videos
  24. I do not know. I want to figure out what will be more profitable. On the one hand, there are ASICs, they are convenient and already configured. But dear ones. video cards are more variable and cheaper. But there is a lot of trouble with them (((
  25. Its probably best to buy these BRAND NEW (not used) as the seller would have to transfer the device to you on chain after purchase. Don't get scammed.
  26. Hello. I want to invest in a mining farm. Everywhere I find only pieces of information. Help please - you need: What software is needed and for what. Where to begin. Equipment and installation conditions.
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