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  1. Yes but this would be extra - the more content on DNR the better.
  2. I won 11 in the meme contest and as originally planned I want to give them back to the community. I will top it up with 9 from my own stack (I know it isn'tmuch but it is some). So that makes it 20 in total from my side. Would anyone here be willing to add to the pool for the competition? every little help, even 1 DNR. This competition would be to create a video on DNR, it could be ANYTHING, how to video, what denarius is, perhaps a talk on Denarius, perhaps an analysis, or perhaps something funny - the sky is the limit. What do you guys think and do you want to contribute? Carsen can handle the address where coins are stored for the competition to make it transparent. Â
  3. I LOVE this idea, when you got something to test let me know, I will gladly help you beta test and give ideas for further development mate. This could make Denarius highly massmarketable! DNR deserves it, the algo is awesome <3
  4. A bonus one, not my entry, Twitter did not like Â
  5. This is great news mate! I am going to share that on Twitter now <3 Spread the word and awareness! Everyone get tweeting with #Denarius and $DNR
  6. My god, I swear, the past 3 weeks I have been thinking of something exactly the same
  7. Those are pretty cool! Well done man! Perhaps some Denarius poker chips? Â Or just the button as Denarius.
  8. JailCoin - the more jailtime you have, the more coins you get.
  9. I can't help but laugh at some of the coins created, but let's see how far we can take this. What is the worst coin idea you can come up with? Let me start: CoinCoin Why? Because it is confusing, and it works great for anyone with a stutter.
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