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  1. ie. what you MAKE, fiat-wise, will be MORE than your electricity cost, and hopefully the real estate (rackspace) cost and internet cost? Surely SOMEBODY has done these calculations here?? Will a Nvidia 3090 do it? 80? 70?
  2. 'kay, so does this mean our Taxes our now calculated *auto*, then? Like, every time money comes into our account, it calculates 20% of that or whatever, and zaps it over to our government?? AUTO??
  3. The only people behind my Ice Cream is one little ol' ice cream man, tiny little ME, and one coder HE has hired, who could basically be ANYONE - if HE, OTOH, is Baskin Robbins (ie. a giant corporation), and the coder has been paid 100000000000 Rupees to write the smart contract NOT TO GIVE ME A REFUND COME WHAT MAY, then what happens??
  4. No hang on, there is no way for a guy who doesn't know coding what the smart contract is doing??? ie. there's no .NFO or readme.txt file or something like that - for which we'd have to take the programmer's own word for it ANYWAY, what the thing was DOING, but - no whatthiscontractdoes.txt generated BY the code auto, in some way? (yeah, I know, real Sophisticated Shit!). Sorry, what's "DYOR"?
  5. ...function *I* had called from it? Surely you mean whatever function the guy who CODED it programmed it to do....??? ....and basically any moron can write these "contracts", and activate them? Is there any way to know what one of them is programmed to do BEFORE you interact with it in any way? In a VERIFIABLE way? ...cause anything else is just a RECIPE for trouble...!
  6. OK, so - in the case of smart contracts, ie. where one is involved, I send the money to the smart contract, which then runs software which does whatever, and then maybe decides to send it BACK to me, as in my (dratted! :) ) ice-cream example above? I don't send it to a guy?
  7. Hi, I'm totally new to this entire world, and I'm learning about it, and I had some questions about cryptocurrency. Here goes: 1) If am a PHYSICAL business in India, what are the steps I need to take in order to accept cryptocurrency at my establishment? (say a coffee shop or ice cream parlour). I'm assuming there'll be a smartphone app, just like we have PayTM, where you scan the other guy's QR code to make the payment, just, instead of rupees and paise, it'll be Bitcoin or Ethereum or something, am I correct? Which app do I use? I'm assuming that same app will work ALL OVER THE WOR
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