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  1. The wallet works so fast u get your coins nearly instantly just a matter of seconds!
  2. Give us a heads up if u can right now due to the decreased price on DNR it became easier to mine again but once it hits Bittrex or goes up in price like it did last week my mining days are over again for a while. Thanks for the quick replies on here, much appreciated!
  3. The problem is I try to make more DNR on exchanges by selling it high and buying it low so it's not in my wallet because indeed the staking didn't seem to make me much extra DNR's. Have not seen anything that said that I had any extra DNR for staking. But with only 100 DNR it wouldn't be much weight anyway I guess?
  4. Is there an ETA on going to Bittrex or any other exchanges in the near future? I know the Bittrex applications has been resent but I have no clue when to expect it to go on there. This would make it easier for me to get out of Coinexchange because it's not that big of an exchange and too many trolls there
  5. Could u tell me how quickly I can stake my coins if I keep my wallet staking for like 12 hours / day? With about 100 coins, just to get an idea if it is worth keeping my PC running to stake when I'm not mining.
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