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  1. All I see for votes PRO FPGA are freshly made accounts, sent here to vote because someone from FPGA community asked them to do so. Seems that the twitter vote being askewed by 63-37% wasn't already telling enough. The entire Denarius discord, even those who own FPGA's are against the idea of keeping FPGA's on Tribus. They don't see additional value in keeping them on, for those FPGA guys coming it here telling it's lacking trade volume and they are no threat? I've been in your Discord yesterday, you guys want to achieve 200k Denarius in a matter of months, the total supply will never exceed 10 million coins. Yet us GPU miners know how slow Denerius trickles in when it's mined en masse with even just GPU's only. We weren't waiting for you coinhoggers to claim almost 80% of daily POW rewards. I've seen yesterday dat alot from your community doen't even know what Denarius features are, you were wondering if it was a long term or short term hold now when the debate was openened about changing the algo to GPU only. Some of you still had to look up it's features, I mean? You guys cry about a coin you know jack shit about but the profit you might lose that is your only interest. Yet we as the Denarius community don't want you to mine it, that is the main sentiment from nearly all members in Discord, yet you guys take the lead in votes. Why is that? Cuz you already asked the entire FPGA community to vote on the twitter poll and they are not slowly being sent in here to do the same. Member it's a community vote, the ones who don't want this are more vocal than those who are PRO FPGA, cuz let's face it, those voting here pro FPGA only found out yesterday that Denarius has a masternode stystem (FS) or POS, or POW ending in about 1.25kk blocks? And they didn't even know they were talking to Carsen (the dev) before he popped a vain. So, the people who are less invested in it emotionally or connected to the brand and the coin itself, are the ones who are pulling this vote towards them. Claiming they will dump the coin when we change the algo because they say it becomes worthless if THEY can not mine it. Tell me how does it become worthless when all the suddon it's no longer being mined by a select few but is being mined by the masses, giving a broader audience to reach with GPU only mining and avoiding centralizing our coin supply in the hands of a few who are either willing ot obtain 200k (0.2% of max supply) until they can dump it for profit or those who just dump it immediatly after they mine it. Open up your eyes, pull those dollar signs out of your sight and face it, FPGA people are NOT interested in the wellbeing of Denarius only thing tha matter is their own wallet. But hey, make some more newbie accounts, copy paste some messages from eachother and nothing happened right? We'll see, we'll see!
  2. So? Glad you found out about Denarius welcome, but if this poll goes in favor of GPU's as Denarius already is ASIC resistant (so why not to FPGA) you can use your toys on other coins to ruin average Joe miners' income. This coin doesn't need powerfull machinery to keep the chain secure and stable, we got FS and POS to take care of that. If its the next best thing in mining so be it, other coins can decide whether to go that way or not. This coin only has a small POW lifespan of about 3 years of which FPGA will come close to mining 2 years in total if we don't ban them now. Decentralization is key, without making it FPGA proof we let many coins go to fewer people, rather than when it's GPU only lot's of different miners small and big are able to extract a fair share rather than picking up leftovers.
  3. Keep it GPU only, keeps the coin open for a wide audience rather than a select few who have this technology adopted already.
  4. Just release the Master Nodes already!!! People are hungry for it!
  5. If this works we should contact alot of game developers big and small to use this for in game purchases, if they can get rid of the VAT being charged over fiat money they probably will happily join the DNR club
  6. Someone has been working hard and late last night good job!
  7. The other 2 faucets have been dry for a week or longer now, so your only source of income will be Mining DNR or using that one fuacet
  8. There is only one working at the moment as far as I know and it's this one: http://faucet.denarius.live/
  9. Keep it open for a while, like i said u won't see staking happening for a while. Maybe there is also a minimum amount of 1 DNR but I do not know if that is true @Carsen could answer this maybe?
  10. You have to give it some time, it doen't jump to a green icon right away, if u leave it open 24/7 you don't have to worry, just make sure it is unlocked. But staking will only give u 0.00001 DNR or so no matter how much DNR you hold in your wallet. The 6% staking reward begins when the last block is mined, in about 3 years from now at block 3 million.
  11. Hello there fellow Denarians, As most of us might already know, DNR is listed on three exchanges. Coinexhange and Cryptopia are doing good, but Novaexchange has been lagging behind ever since and has no real volume and is actually bad for the price that is displayed on Coinmarketcap due to the lack of interest on Novaexchange. Buy orders are always much lower than the Sell orders, and most of the time DNR is just being dumped there in stead of being bought up. As far as buy support we were at an all time low of 0.2btc on Nova and at the time that I write this topic the highest buy order on Nova is 14k sat while it is at least 20k sat on the other two exchanges. So one person selling not even 1 DNR at Nova right now can take down our overall price on Coinmarketcap buy a lot, I'm not a math guy but you don't need to be a genius to see what a 6k sat difference can do to a price. What else comes to mind is when people do find out about DNR on Nova itself or are going to take a look at it, they will see barely any action on the coin there, not to say they will only see negative features when looking at DNR on Novaexchange. Â So because of those reasons I'd like to know how the community AND Carsen feels about this? Cast your vote, discuss why we should or should not get delisted on Nova and we'll see where we go from there.
  12. The ccminer2.2 was improved to get 10% higher hashrate for DNR mining, the SIGT was already updated in 2.1 if i'm not mistaken? So yea, use the 2.2 for DNR, other coins I can't say which ccminer works best, you'll have to find out for yourself
  13. You'll have to mine for half an hour or more to see your normal hashrate on yiimp, it will go up and down according to the difficulty of the block and so on, so don't worry, you'll get on your average speed soon. And in the meanwhile see the DNR come in
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