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Found 2 results

  1. This topic will be for the Denarius Wallet. The wallet is needed for storing your D aka previously DNR coins you earned from either mining/staking or trading. You can download the wallet for your specific OS below and just run the wallet on your machine. Keeping the wallet open all the time on your machine will help support the Denarius Project as well as earn you rewards depending one how many coins your wallet holds by staking. Denarius Windows QT Wallet Download https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases Denarius macOS QT Wallet Download https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases Denarius Github Source: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius Install Denarius on any Linux OS easily with Snap https://snapcraft.io/denarius sudo apt update sudo apt install snapd snap -y snap install denarius The wallet itself is awesome, having a lot of extra features most wallets don't have. Below is a screenshot of my Denarius (D) Wallet from 2017 when it was called DNR: The wallet currently features: Overview - Shows your current D balance as well as recent transactions. Send Coins - Send coins to a specified address. Receive Coins - Here you will find your D Wallet Address, as well as be able to create multiple more addresses. Transactions - See the coins that have been sent and received from your wallet. Address Book - Stores addresses for future use with labels so you don't forget what is what. Messages - Now this is awesome, you can send encrypted messages from your wallet address to other D wallets address via the blockchain! How cool! Statistics - Shows D current stats on network. Block Explorer - Find D blocks. Market(NEW) - This drags the latest market stats for D for you to calculate how much your D is worth in USD! Best Practices: Now the way the wallet works is that is stores a file (on windows) in "%appdata%\denarius" called "wallet.dat" this file STORES YOUR WALLETS COINS! This file is very important! I find it best practice to back up this file daily if your obtaining a lot of coins. You can back up your "wallet.dat" from with in the wallet itself by doing: File > Backup Wallet.. NEW KRONOS MULTI CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLET: https://github.com/carsenk/kronos https://kronoswallet.com Old Deprecated Web Wallet for Denarius - Use Kronos Wallet ( https://kronoswallet.com ) (deprecated) Carsen is currently working on the Denarius Web Wallet which will be a great addition to the project. Below is sneak peek of the wallet. Thanks, Stu
  2. Hello everybody, Just opening this topic for us to tell which features we would like to be included in the wallet, consolidate and track them. Features: - Portable wallet - Improved staking information - Wallet backup schedule - GUI configuration for .conf file - Node management + automatically update node list - More accessible coin per address information - Improve readability of coin control feature Implemented in v1.0.5.0 - RPC call to get current price data in both BTC and USD (forward from http://denarius.io/dnrusd.php and http://denarius.io/dnrbtc.php) - RPC call to allow the sending of coins from a specific address - Show the sum amount of multiple selected rows in transaction tab  Feel free to add your ideas and i will update this post
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