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  1. Wookie bro you did an amazing job, build me a house bro! Lol  Buzz killed it on the pi installation!!  Absolutely blown away!
  2. I am giving away a few shirts before they are released to the public on https://BTFD.SHOP All you have to do is be active in https://denariustalk.org check out some pages, post replies to topics and just overall be engaged. I will take note of who is posting meaningful content and will choose winners! *Currently open to US / Canada Residents. If you are outside those locations and still want the shirt, just cover shipping. (usually about $20-25)
  3. Alright DNR community, lets use this space to discuss everything about the idea of a Denarius Masternode implementation. How many masternodes should there be... what should the price of a MN cost... etc. Â
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