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  1. You only really need to backup the wallet.dat to your USB, as that holds your coins. In the wallet just do: File > backup and save to your USB the .dat
  2. Awesome news! DNR is starting to pick up some momentum now
  3. Yeah I would hold ur DNR, its going be worth a lot soon Ive just bought 0.7 BTC worth = 2094 DNR
  4. He will when its sorted, we just have to be patient, these things take time. DNR is still very young but has good potential and picking up momentum. Some coins take ages before they ever get on a main exchange.
  5. No I haven't, Carsen will know whats going on though and is most likely in talks with exchanges
  6. Yeah that's a very good possibility it will happen Â
  7. No problem at all mate, that's what I'm here for. I will be active on here and Gitter as much as I can
  8. I believe it shows in the wallet transactions as "Mining". You can check you weight by hovering you mouse over the green up arrow in the bottom right of the wallet. It will also tell you when your next reward will come in to the wallet. I have like nearly 800 DNR in my wallet and get 0.0001 DNR every few hours as a staking reward, which isn't much but it still something. This will increase when PoS comes in to play and the 6% is applied.
  9. I'm really not sure mate, @Carsen would have a better Idea and he is in talks with the exchanges. But it will come as DNR is becoming very popular
  10. Staking your coins at the moment doesn't make you much as we are in PoW stage, but it still makes you a bit of DNR every few hours depending on your network weight. It also helps the network if you have your wallet open. I have my wallet open all the time to help support the network, so more people who have it open the bigger and stronger the DNR Network grows. You can have the wallet open while you mine as well, it wont affect your miner at all
  11. Please find below markets that are currently trading Denarius(D). I will keep this topic updated as new markets and exchanges take on D trading. Market Stats: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/denarius-d/ https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/denarius https://www.coinbase.com/price/denarius-d Exchanges / Markets: https://www.southxchange.com/Market/Book/D/BTC https://altilly.com/market/D_BTC https://tradeogre.com/exchange/BTC-D https://www.unnamed.exchange/Exchange?market=D_BTC
  12. Just found that we can embed Gitter in to the forum as a side car! This would be a cool addition and its basically putting both are main comm's for Denarius in to one section. Link to find:Â https://sidecar.gitter.im/ Add some Gitter to your site Sidecar is a (mostly) code-free way of embedding Gitter into your website with a simple JavaScript snippet. It works out of the box with no customization, or you can control its behaviour with some basic configuration. Just copy and paste it into your site: <script> ((window.gitter = {}).chat = {}).options = {
  13. This topic will be for the Denarius Wallet. The wallet is needed for storing your D aka previously DNR coins you earned from either mining/staking or trading. You can download the wallet for your specific OS below and just run the wallet on your machine. Keeping the wallet open all the time on your machine will help support the Denarius Project as well as earn you rewards depending one how many coins your wallet holds by staking. Denarius Windows QT Wallet Download https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases Denarius macOS QT Wallet Download https://github.com/cars
  14. Crypto Mining is a way of mining a specific coin by using the hashing power of your machines devices. More info here. Below we will discuss how to mine Denrius(DNR) Coin from one of the many mining pools available. First we must decide on what pool we want to mine too. Below is a list of mining pools available with the tribus algo for mining Denarius(DNR): http://neonpool.sytes.net/https://dnr.coin-miners.info/http://yiimp.ccminer.org/http://pool.denarius.name/http://brutum-pool.com/https://pool.coin-miners.info/http://hashbag.cchttp://kawaiipool.party/http://www.zpool.ca/
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