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  1. Bill Miller said in a new investor letter that bitcoin's performance in the past year shows promise — and more companies decide to move portions of their balance sheets to bitcoin, wider adoption could move very quickly, according to the fund manager. In his fourth-quarter Miller Value Partners investor letter, Miller closed with his meditations on bitcoin's climb past $31,000. Despite having a market capitalization higher than JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway, Miller said bitcoin is still early in its adoption cycle. It's best thought of as digital gold, according to Miller, but has "many ad
  2. The Sweden-based XBT provider Coinshares saw roughly $202 million in XBT certificates swap hands on the market’s first day of trading in 2021. Meanwhile, on the same day, the bitcoin exchange-traded product BTCE saw $100 million in trade volume. Coinshares Group is a European firm dedicated to crypto-finance and exchange-traded products. The bitcoin exchange-traded note (ETN) provider is approved by the Swedish FSA and the firm’s digital currency ETNs are traded on Nasdaq Nordic in Stockholm. On the market’s first day of trading in 2021, Coinshares says the firm’s bitcoin certificates saw $2
  3. The website accepting comments on the proposed FinCEN rule shows crypto users have until Jan. 7, not Jan. 4 as the regulator claimed. View the full original article
  4. The supply shortage for the latest generation of bitcoin miners isn't just causing a bidding war -- it's revived the market for older models as well. According to multiple sale channels on both Telegram and WeChat seen by The Block, the volume and frequency of sale quotes for past-gen mining equipment has risen since mid-December. As of the time of writing, bitcoin's price has reached a new all-time high, crossing the $36,000 mark for the first time ever. Bitcoin's price jump above $20,000 in mid-December resulted in older hardware, rolled out between 2016 and 2018, significantly surpassing
  5. Bitcoin bulls bought the dip and produced enough momentum to send BTC price to a new all-time high above $36,500. View the full original article
  6. Post-secondary institutions appear to be flocking the Uniswap exchange. A Stanford student group just confirmed it has become a Uniswap delegate with more than 2.5 million votes. View the full original article
  7. Bitcoin's slow crawl toward $36,000 has given select altcoins the green light to rally higher. View the full original article
  8. The DeFi market has boomed in 2020, attracting billions of dollars across use cases like lending, derivatives, decentralized exchanges, and others. But along with that came outsized risks. Scams and rugpulls became as common as 2017 during a short period in 2020, with even storied projects like Eminence, Harvest Finance, and others suffering from poor smart contract execution and losing millions of dollars in the process. It’s something Joseph Weinberg has a thing or two to share about. Weinberg, who heads Shyft Network, is a long time crypto veteran known for his previous work with Coinsett
  9. The publication explores whether Bitcoin will become the new gold standard. View the full original article
  10. The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) recently ruled that utility tokens issued by companies are securities and, therefore, cannot be classified as assets. The ISA’s decision comes after Israeli tech startup Kirobo sought to convince the regulator that its planned token issuance did not amount to a security offering. Token Value Growth However, in response to Kirobo’s claims, the ISA published a position paper explaining why the planned token offering should “be subject to Israeli securities regulations.” In brushing aside Kirobo’s averments, the ISA insists that the “tokens should be regard
  11. With Bitcoin on a dramatic price run, 2021 could be an eventful year for the crypto industry. View the full original article
  12. ShapeShift, one of the oldest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the crypto market, is pivoting. It announced the integration of a decentralized exchange, adding Ethereum and ERC20 tokens first. Since it is a decentralized exchange, it will not be able to immediately process Bitcoin trades. Hence, ShapeShift said it would integrate Bitcoin in the first quarter of 2021. The team wrote: “Ethereum and ERC20 assets are available as of today for decentralized trading through ShapeShift’s interface. Bitcoin—the world’s largest and most liquid digital asset—will be added in Q1 2021 (native BTC, no
  13. Bitcoin price rallied back to $35,000, but key indicators show top traders are proceeding with caution. View the full original article
  14. The price of ether (ETH) surpassed $1,200 on Coinbase Pro on Wednesday afternoon. On January 3rd, ETH price had just eclipsed $900, surpassing market highs last seen in February 2018. TradingView data shows the price of ETH at $1,210.96 at the time of writing — the highest point since January 2018. ETH's market capitalization on January 3rd exceeded $100 billion, according to CoinGecko. It now sits at $136 billion. © 2021 The Block Crypto, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investmen
  15. As the United Kingdom enters a third national lockdown to get rising infection rates linked with a newly identified strain of Covid-19 under control, the nation’s crypto startups are taking steps to boost staff morale. The government's new restrictions mean people must stay at home and work from wherever possible, while most non-essential shops have been closed. The Block spoke to several UK startups who are taking action to maintain staff well-being. Sergey Zhdanov, chief financial officer of the crypto exchange EXMO, said the lockdown "affects the social part a lot." “Some employees feel
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