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  1. Tools are in progress now and more interface updates! Mobile is starting to get some love as well
  2. It is coming along nicely! Memory usage is fixed now.
  3. Thanks man! Only going to get better and better, some configuration will need to be handled without this, but you can encrypt your wallet with it and the reboot option should work better now. Added USD balance and price per ea Denarius (D)
  4. Updated the interface some and added more functionality and bug fixes
  5. Screenshot of the installer on a headless Raspberry Pi 4 4GB PoE with Ubuntu 20.04 Server image. Credits go [email protected] for help with the installer and testing
  6. dPi - WIP Coming Soon! dPi (Denarius Pi) is a secondary layer and interface for Denarius. dPi was originally built with the intention of running it and installing it on Raspberry Pi Ubuntu systems, but can be used mostly and will be developed for any and all Linux distros. Github: Link Coming Soon Screenshots: More information and list of features will be coming soon! Stay tuned! It will be a one liner install script to run.
  7. Cool, I'll try this soon. Awesome guide!
  8. Amazing tutorial! I need to play with Grafana very soon! Awesome work on https://denarius.pro too!
  9. Yea this is the C4Labs Zebra PoE Hat Case, so the case takes place of the mounting screws that come with the PoE hat, and fits all around it, honestly a solid case overall...No easy getting your Pi4 out, though not really needed for PoE type applications. Plug it in, one cable, and your up and running. https://www.amazon.com/Zebra-Classic-Case-Raspberry-Black/dp/B081HGRDPG
  10. I may post a guide eventually on some different Pi 4 setups and running Denarius with snap on it. Raspberry Pi 4 with official PoE Hat and Zebra PoE case [emoji16]
  11. Seems that the Unifi G4 Doorbell Video is launching soon....Along with UXG? The Unifi Smart Plug can auto reboot your modem upon going offline, can be adopted into any Unifi Controller, seems extremely handy, but also wondering if it will reboot on those random "offlines" https://store.ui.com/collections/unifi-accessories/products/unifi-smart-power
  12. Top Free DNS Servers by Speed 5/27/2020: Speed Data from https://www.dnsperf.com/#!dns-resolvers - (Cloudflare) - (Google) - (OpenDNS) - (NextDNS) - (Neustar) (Norton) (NuSEC by Comodo) - (Quad9), (SafeDNS) ------------------------------------------------------ The speed might not be as fast as, but https://www.opennic.org/ also has great censorship resistant DNS servers available and additional domain support. Feel free to add the DNS servers you use in this thread!
  13. @redswitches Do you accept cryptocurrency payments at all? Possibly $D?
  14. These are awesome! Good luck with your sales! If they are still available I may buy one
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