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  1. I ordered the same. I'll let you know how it runs. Carsen and I were just talking about much better MacOS runs over the resource intensive Windows OS. I can barely do anything in VS with only 8GB of RAM on Windows but Carsen says that's plenty for a MacBook so I'm really looking forward to seeing that performance difference.
  2. @Sheila, join our Discord if you want to learn more - https://discord.gg/BwfAmkE - The community is very helpful and supportive. Don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have.
  3. Hi Sheila and welcome to DenariusTalk! I'm glad you found my post informative. I followed Kim Clement for many years until his death. I stopped watching the show after that but I still read updates from the House of Destiny emails. To answer you question about bitcoin reaching 20,000 in 2017 and whether we missed out on the prophecy, I don't think we've missed out on the prophecy. Kim didn't give much more details, as most prophecies are like puzzles but I will cover the 2 possibilities. Kim prophesies in 2013 that Bitcoin will reach 20,000, that The Denarii will have a breakthrough, and that those 2 prophecies are somehow related. One way of viewing this is to think that the times are related. This viewpoint assumes that The Denarii will have its breakthrough WHEN Bitcoin reaches 20,000. If Bitcoin reaches 20,000 multiple times then this can be hard to pinpoint. Sure, Bitcoin hit 20,000 in 2017 but then it went down and it looks like it will hit 20,000 again later this year in 2019 if I were to guess at it. If Bitcoin hits 20,000 this year and The Denarii has its breakthrough moment then, we will realize he was talking about the 2nd time that Bitcoin hits 20,000 and not the first. Personally, I'm too attached to the theory on it being time based like the bullet above, though I still think about it as a possibility and my eyes will definitely be paying more attention as Bitcoin approaches near 20,000 again. The other option is to look at the 2 prophecies as being in the same category, which the viewpoint that I hold. This is to look at the November 22nd email as telling us that the 20,000 prophecy tells us about Bitcoin and it is connected somehow to the "massive breakthrough" regarding The Denarii. I see that as them being in the same category. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and thus The Denarii must also be a cryptocurrency. That is the way that I like to see it. More on why we have not "missed out on the prophecy" - Kim would never have prophesied about small things. I have not seen any breakthroughs on anything "The Denarii" yet. D coin had a small rise when Bitcoin hit 20,000 but that was too small scale and I don't think Kim would have described what he saw there as a "massive breakthrough". In crypto land, there are tons of altcoins that have similar rises to that. So, if Denarius (D) is "The Denarii" then the "massive breakthrough" and rise in price will be truly historic and have to be even greater than just the average altcoins that can do a measly 10-20x price quickly.
  4. I've told folks about how I found this coin but here is a much much much more detailed post... It was the year 2011 on June 29th. I was watching a show called The Matrix by Kim Clement, when I first heard about "The Denarii". All of Kim Clement's prophecies were transcribed on his website in the prophecy vault at https://www.kimclement.com/prophecy/. I'll paste related prophecies below so you can understand how I made my discovery that The Denarii was Denarius (D). This was my first clue. I knew there was something called "The Denarii" that was likened to gold. It was something that I could invest in and was going to be stale for a while before having a sudden change. As for that ending there, it's about some of his other prophecies, like his oak tree medical prophecy. For historical tracking purposes, they changed the website text from Denarii to Dinar. I don't have a screenshot of it but I watched the video live broadcast and then watched the recording of it on his website many more times the following months and the actual words that came out of his mouth were "Denarii". During that time, Sunil and other Kim Clement team members were doing a Prophetic Codebreakers segment and I think they might have applied their own thoughts and opinions to interpret that Kim was talking about the Iraqi currency but even Kim said himself that's not what he saw. If this video is still up by the time you read this, you can see it for yourself here - I know why they changed it to Dinar from his original speech of Denarii and that is because those around Kim wanted to believe that he was talking about the Iraqi Dinar and folks even wrote him letters about it. Btw, the plural form of Dinar is Dinars, not Denarii. So, this prophecy had nothing to do with Iraqi Dinar currency. The next clue, which I didn't understand when I watched it....or else I'd be rich right now...was Kim Clement prophesying that Bitcoin would reach 20,000. Take note, he makes no mention of the Dow but everyone again made assumptions about his prophecy and assumed that he was talking about the Dow. Ask yourself this question...why would the Dow reaching 20k be worthy of prophecy? The Dow reaching 20k is almost a given. That's how the fiat controlled world works. The Dow just keeps going up and up over the years because the USD has a monopoly on the global economic system. Nobody smart would have questioned whether the Dow would reach 20k. Kim does go one after that and mention "BBB". First off, he didn't say it like 3 B's. He was stuttering with the word and he said that God hid the word from him and wouldn't let him see the rest so he only could see the first letter of the word. That is how he described it after he gave that prophecy. You can watch the videos from his show to hear the full description. God wouldn't show him the word Bitcoin because it would have changed the future drastically if he had said that back then. He couldn't say the whole word Bitcoin so he just said you had to "search it out for yourself and find out, BBB". So, there you have it - Kim Clement prophesied that Bitcoin would hit 20,000. This next clue connects The Denarii to bitcoin/crypto. Once again, he never prophesied about the DINAR. He prophesied about The DINARII. And once again, he also never prophesied about the Dow. He said "BBB" and 20,000. Kim Clement could see that there was a connection between his prophecy of the 20,000 and his prophecy of The Denarii. That was what he was trying to convey in his email update but others influenced him into believing his prophecies were about other things. This is why prophets don't watch the news and we can't always rely on others interpreting prophecies for them. I will go into further evidence below as to why it is not the Dow and why it is not the Dinar. Here, he specifically calls it out that it is not Wall Street. He says "remember the name gold". Here, he gives you plenty of clues that the Iraqi Dinar has nothing to do with his prophecy. So now that I've determined that Kim Clement's prophecy about "The Denarii" is in fact a crypto because it will have a breakthrough and is related to Bitcoin reaching 20,000, I searched for crypto currency coins that were named like The Denarii. As it is described on the main website - https://denarius.io/#about - we see the following.... We see that the plural form of Denarius is Denarii. Also, Denarius fractionals are called Denarii. For the USD, you can have fractional pieces of a dollar, which are called cents ($0.01 is called 1 cent). For Bitcoin, you can have fractional pieces of a Bitcoin (BTC), which are called Satoshi's (0.00000001 BTC is called 1 Satoshi). For Denarius (D), you can have fractional pieces, which are called Denarii (0.00000001 D is called 1 Denarii). You can also see this in the code... https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/blob/555adee539c4fe99e86dd41f37cc275c45ef7b82/src/init.cpp#L489 https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/blob/555adee539c4fe99e86dd41f37cc275c45ef7b82/src/miner.cpp#L193 // Fee-per-kilobyte amount considered the same as "free" // Be careful setting this: if you set it to zero then // a transaction spammer can cheaply fill blocks using // 1-denarii-fee transactions. It should be set above the real // cost to you of processing a transaction. https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/blob/555adee539c4fe99e86dd41f37cc275c45ef7b82/src/version.cpp#L8 // Name of client reported in the 'version' message. Report the same name // for both bitcoind and bitcoin-qt, to make it harder for attackers to // target servers or GUI users specifically. const std::string CLIENT_NAME("Denarii"); Also, I'm sure how related this is but on the Discord server, a social community chat - https://discord.gg/BwfAmkE - Denarius is often referred to as "The D". This is all the evidence I have on how I came to the conclusion that D was what Kim Clement was prophesying about. A lot of folks, including myself, are wondering how to react to this prophecy about "The Denarii". When Kim receives a prophecy, it's something majorly important. Kim wouldn't prophesy about something so trivial so this has to be big. I mean, if every other coin can jump 1000x in value, why would he specifically call out this one unless it was majority huge and different from the rest. Maybe it's even meant for Denarius to be the coin that overtakes Bitcoin as the leader in the crypto currency sphere.
  5. Epic setup mate! Keep up the great work!
  6. I found DNR by searching for coins with a name like "Denarii" "Denari" "Dinari". Then, I stumbled upon Denarius and thought, "could this be 'the one'"?  The reason I was searching for a coin with that name comes from a video stream I watched live on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011. He said this - "What is the Denari? Hasn't been time, hasn't been time, sudden change. So, for those that are investing, I cannot tell you to do this or purchase them, but for those that are holding on, nothing, nothing, nothing, and then suddenly something. OK, don't hold too tight onto gold."  Call me weird but this guy sees things from the future so I trust and respect him. I've been looking for the Denarii ever since... Then, 6 years later, on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, DNR launches.
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