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Add where you found Denarius in the News


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Hey all!

I figured it would be good to have one place where we can share any articles, blogs or news posts concerning Denarius. If you see anything that is not already covered in the list below here, please post it and I will add it here asap. That way we can better stay up to date on the development Denarius' online presence.







News (reserved for major news sites in or outside crypto-community)













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How I found DNR was that I found Carsen first.... at the bittrex slack group while he was openly defending his new and about-to-be-launched project... DENARIUS...


I saw how many people were attacking Carsen and DNR calling it a shit coin he kept on speaking so intelligently and presenting facts and kept reassuring his critics that DNR would be awesome...


Then I sent Carsen a private chat on the bittrex slack group chat and we started communicating and I could very well see through and through that Carsen was a nice and focused fellow....


So immediately I joined the DENARIUS COMMUNITY on bitcointailk and eventually denariustalk, then slack and then gitter and since then I've been a die hard fan of the PROJECT DENARIUS and I will always play my part to ensure Denarius moons up ?????

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5 hours ago, Alfapiomega said:

I like this topic but I kinda forgot where I saw Denarius first. I think it was on Whattomine or on Coinmarket cap with my friend when we were starting to look into crypto a few weeks ago.


Since then I became a huge fan :)

you're welcome to the community.... then go tell that friend of yours that you have joined the DNR Community and then make sure you invite other friends of yours... and then come hang out with us in the slack group where we rub minds together, get social and receive drops of free DNR every now and then

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Wow, thank you, tendermartin - I am actually trying to get into Crypto and honestly Denarius is one of the few projects I got genuinly interested in - and probably the only one I would really vouch for. I am currently collecting some small amounts from leaky faucets, mining (got about 0.8 mined in four nights as I have a very old gpu card) and generally try to test everything before I get in with my own money next month :)


I will definitely go and hang out on Slack late on.

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I was looking for a new coin to cpu-mine in https://coinmarketcap.com/ . It must have a good name like Mc Donald's, with value less than USD 1/coin, and not just a meme of BitCoin. It's okay if its code is based on BitCoin. It must also have a strong fundamental and must not solely speculative. And it's wallet must run on all OSes and Debian.

I scanned the entire coinmarketcap.com's list and tested a few. Most of the coins in the list were speculative with bad names, at least according to me. Until I found Denarius.

The genesis blocks of a million DNR may be a no-go for many miners who oppose developers rewards and ICOs. The miners tend to believe that without their mining nodes a coin is nothing. One thing that they do not know is that nodes evolve away from miners. All because of developers. The genesis blocks are okay for me because coins change hands. A coin needs transactions to survive. BitCoin thrives because of heavy transactions. I believe in the near future coin developers will create many apps that catalyze transactions without the need of mining node. And I believe that Denarius developers know that.


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I found DNR by searching for coins with a name like "Denarii" "Denari" "Dinari". Then, I stumbled upon Denarius and thought, "could this be 'the one'"?


The reason I was searching for a coin with that name comes from a video stream I watched live on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011. He said this -

"What is the Denari? Hasn't been time, hasn't been time, sudden change. So, for those that are investing, I cannot tell you to do this or purchase them, but for those that are holding on, nothing, nothing, nothing, and then suddenly something. OK, don't hold too tight onto gold."


Call me weird but this guy sees things from the future so I trust and respect him. I've been looking for the Denarii ever since... Then, 6 years later, on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, DNR launches.

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