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  1. hashbag is my choice, all the yiimp pools had stolen coins, hashbag was lucky, it was hit the lightest, some lost 6 BTC worth of coins
  2. tex6246


    mature coins 8 hrs old and older will be staked, just unlock the wallet, wait for the green arrow to appear bottom right of wallet and voila your staking..  Carson's reply about staking in another post  Â
  3. Hi Ferahan, it doesn't auto update, we are looking at other options instead of it showing the price as most people use the market tab to call up current prices
  4. That message is usually from a corrupted file and it isnt able to open it as files are damaged or missing. ensure your antivirus is not flagging anything and deleting files. A fresh download should solve the problem, but ensure you create a shortcut for the .exe (right click, create shortcut) and place that on your desktop and not the .exe Â
  5. ok good to know, thanks for keeping the community posted
  6. hey guys we need help to get denarius listed on poloniex, if everyone who reads this post goes to https://poloniex.com/coinRequest and helps ask for DNR to be listed then we have a good chance of getting it done, which means higher prices for you and larger profits later on
  7. Current miners for Mining Denarius (Tribus algo) Nvidia CCminer 2.1    https://github.com/carsenk/ccminer/releases/download/v2.0-tpruvot-tribus/ccminer-2.1-tribus.7z CCminer 2.2  (upto 10% increase in MH/s)    https://hashbag.cc/ccminer-2.2-skunk.zip CWIGM  0.9.8 (upto 30% increase in MH/s)   https://mega.nz/#F!tVNmTbqK!U1Vn04jp943kODiitlle9Q (Only usable on their servers http://pool.chainworksindustries.com/dnr )  AMD SGminer 5.3.7    http://ccminer.org/preview/sgminer-x64-5.3.7.zip SGminer 5.3.8    http://ccminer.org/preview/sgminer-x64-5.3.8.zip SGminer (MAC)  http://macminer.fabulouspanda.com/commandline/sgminer/   Config file info CWI conf file for using sgminer on Cwi pool  https://mega.nz/#!YK4FwAhC!KvoJdmoD7GHK-vUSp65_8CMwV2a86WsK_tD4FO8NXjE bat file for correct config of CWI miner  https://mega.nz/#!ZLxh2LRJ!RxpXCE9KNbOOEgh-cZVnfEnldOQyi6dbTFh7_HJOgCU  Â
  8. no, the amount you have at that time is staked and its like rolling a dice, if your number comes up you win a small amount, if not more weight is added to your stake and the dice is rolled again in an hr etc etc
  9. i found Denarius on bitcointalk, it had some early detractors which is why i didnt pick it up straight away, i carried on reading the incoming posts and decided to go all in on it after reading through all info i could find on itÂ
  10. network info is for syncing the wallet with the block chain, and for receiving transactions, if the miners you have on each machine are pointed at different addresses through the stratum address in your config files or batch files, the the transactions goto them. but if your wallet is not syncing then you will not see these wallets grow in size, uncheck proxy and make sure map port to upnp is checked and ensure wallet is syncing, if not PM me and i'll help you through it Â
  11. i've helped  both Denarisufreak79 & henderi resolve their issues, it seems the new wallet is not overwriting custom connection info
  12. For those that havent handled a wallet change, just unzip this to the old wallet .exe location and it will use the data from old wallet to give you your wallet info
  13. your welcome, if others have a problem i can teamviewer in and help those too, at least i got you up and running, welcome to the community
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