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  1. Hmmmm I will have to investigate this further but seems to be getting caught up on something within the FortunaStake SetPayRate function
  2. Coinomi has done a major disfavor to its users and coin developers. It has recently delisted many cryptocurrencies in terms of non-payment extorting each coin developer for a fee of 2 BTC (~$25,000 USD). I haven't seen much discussion about this anywhere and encourage others to post their dealings with them. They used to be a good crypto wallet, but seems they have went the wrong route, which has also caused major confusion in the industry with the delistings of coins. I do want to add I have built a new wallet platform called Kronos that you will be seeing more of in the future.
  3. I think the Parallel instance feature of Snapcraft is highly under-rated....It is an amazing feature of Snap and allows one to run multiple instances of Denarius on the same machine including a mix of testnet/mainnet nodes.
  4. We moved servers again! Transfer went smoothly, and you shouldn't have any issues logging in, if you do, please contact us on Discord.
  5. No. Typically a wallet platform that most use like Coinbase for example or Cash app have tax document export features to make it easy for you to import into something like TurboTax etc. Cryptocurrency is yours and yours only when it comes down to it, you do not have to pay tax on crypto you own or hodl. You are your own bank, your financial institution etc. by owning cryptocurrency. Everything is your sole personal responsibility, security, taxes, etc. Typically for most areas you only have to pay tax on actual trades if any are done. Taxes though are entirely dependent upon the jurisdict
  6. Yes any modern graphics card really, as far as profitability, it doesn't really profitable unless you are investing $xx,xxx+ into a mining operation. Mining is really at this point starting to somewhat phase out for the smaller miners, big chinese monopolies have been dominating the mining industry for years now (Bitmain) on the Bitcoin side of things. Ethereum is somewhat viable with cards like a 2080/3080/3090 etc. and random PoW hitters or like coins like Denarius that may not be profitable to mine currently but can be good ways to accumulate coins. A lot of coins now and a lot of
  7. I will eventually make a full guide on how to compile Node directly from the git for different versions for darwin arm64
  8. You can use my modified repository of OpenSSL v1.0.1j made to work with compiling on the M1 chip from Apple. Some may ask why would you want the old version of OpenSSL? Some applications are dependent upon it, but only do this if you know what you are doing. Repo: https://github.com/carsenk/openssl10-darwin-arm git clone https://github.com/carsenk/openssl10-darwin-arm cd openssl10-darwin-arm ./configure darwin64-arm64-cc no-asm make sudo make install sudo ln -sf /usr/local/ssl/bin/openssl `which openssl` You can then run openssl version to confirm you are running legacy
  9. I should add that you do need Macports installed https://www.macports.org/install.php Run the command: sudo port install git curl openssl automake This will enable you to have deps installed to compile NodeJS, you also need Xcode 12.2 fully setup and command line tools installed.
  10. Okay so you just use nvm (Node Version Manager) ? Available here: https://github.com/nvm-sh/nvm Node Version Manager if it cant download the binary prebuilt, it will download the source of node and attempt to compile it. I should add that you do need Macports installed https://www.macports.org/install.php Run the command after installing Macports for Big Sur: sudo port install git curl openssl automake Run the following command after installing MacPorts and the XCode Command Line Toolchain: nvm install v15 It will try to find any available binari
  11. Currently looking for a version of NodeJS compiled natively on Apple M1 (Apple Silicon) aka ARMv8 for macOS Seems all current and past NodeJS builds including current nightlies do not contain any Darwin ARM binaries yet. I may attempt to compile v12.18.3 for Darwin ARM if no release soon...Read below for updates....NodeJS v15 compiled successfully on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 - Kernel 20.1.0 - Darwin ARM64 M1 Chip
  12. Got the Mac Mini M1 and I must say, the hype is real. Rosetta 2 emulation on Denarius and Kronos both seem snappy and buttery smooth. I plan to compile these to native darwin arm soon.
  13. Yes basically, Kronos Desktop has Core Mode which is also a lite version of the wallet and doesnt require a full node, only Kronos Desktop in Advanced Mode requires a full node. Yea I may stick with it, just working on frontend bugs on it, starting from scratch maybe an option as reinventing the wheel to our specifications maybe a better route.
  14. Debating about continuing just forking Moonshine or just starting from scratch on something for mobile.........Hmmm....
  15. Kronos Mobile A mobile version of "Kronos" and a fork of Moonshine for iOS and Android that can send and receive Denarius (D), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC) This is currently a WIP and I will be posting screenshots and updating this thread as it progresses. Styling is a work in progress as well as transaction history, otherwise receiving and sending D all works.
  16. Well then you are kinda SoL lol. Typically merchants that accept crypto provide some sort of refund method still, though cryptocurrency is volatile still so you may not receive back the same amount fiat value wise. There are many scam smart contracts out there and shitty dapps that ARE built almost just like that to just steal funds or rob you, so just be careful, hence the "DYOR". The ARI pool I posted for example is safe and verified safe. Mostly it is up to the merchant you are buying from say the Ice Cream man to obtain a refund or not, as they do not usually use smart contracts for simple
  17. Well, sometimes the developer or company will put their smart contracts up on Github to read through the code including some form of a README.md. Etherscan is the ETH and token block explorer, which has the same code, it is just compiled/flattened essentially. So, typically, for someone super new to smart contracts it is a bit of a learning curve. Usually if you are not a developer (99% of people using smart contracts) they will look at other things involved with a project like the community, who is behind it, what is being developed etc. DYOR stands for Do your own research (A fa
  18. Yes that is what I meant, the creator of the smart contract makes different functions for whatever the smart contract does, then as a user you are using a dapp that interfaces with those smart contract calls typically. You can verify contracts and see what they do with a little bit of reading, though it is heavily DYOR, for example since I used the ARI Pool Dapp example above, this is the contract for one of the pools inside of the dapp: https://etherscan.io/address/0x4747cA5474f3044e3F9d3b8dC237E9C9f3A8fc04#code <- Essentially all of the contracts code.
  19. Just joined the M1 gang gang. Hoping to get mine when the influencers do around the 17th.....Expect Denarius and Kronos support on latest macOS ?
  20. Yes, seems benchmarks so far coming out are looking good! M1 beats the current latest Intel Core i9 processor in their 16" Macbook Pros! I think the RAM optimization especially with the new M1 chip and unified memory will make for a insane amount of performance.
  21. Yes just wanted to say snapd relies on FUSE typically, it is installed within this tutorial I did as well: That could relate in ways to this
  22. Kronos for macOS is now available! A few fixes were committed to the repository, basically fixing data directory creation upon fresh installs/boots of Kronos. https://github.com/carsenk/kronos/releases/download/v1.7.9-Beta/Kronos-v1.7.9-Beta-macOS.zip
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