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  1. Denarius v3.3.9.8 Mandatory Update! Denarius Release Notes: Protocol Bump to 33933 (All nodes will need to update) Jupiter IPFS now has PeerID and PubKey Support (If using jupiterlocal=1) Include Vout TX Hex Data with asm in Transactions Added Transaction Sizes to RPC Update to FortunaStakes Improved FS Status Information Updated getinfo and other RPC Commands to return more information Updated other RPC commands for use with Kronos (https://github.com/carsenk/kronos) Added burn RPC command (Credits to @CircuitBreaker88) New EUR Balance in QT Overview (Credits to @CircuitBreaker88) Random updates, fixes, and improvements to Denarius overall Credits to @buzzkillb for being so kind and hosting our chaindata at https://denarii.cloud If you are running Denarius via Snap, Snap will automatically upgrade you, simply restart your Denarius node and verify you are running version Latest version is available in our master branch on the Github Get v3.3.9.8 for Windows and macOS: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v3.3.9.8 This includes updates to D that improve it for use with its new secondary interface Kronos https://github.com/carsenk/kronos
  2. So epic! @buzzkillb you rock! So happy to see this working....full blockchain on mobile with a sexy interface!
  3. Playing with the 128x32 OLED display, got the generated account 0 address 0 address displaying These screens more than likely will not be used for the final product at all, just too small and not enough information to display on them. We will be going with more than likely the IPS LCD ST7789
  4. So I decided to start building an open source hardware wallet....specifically for Denarius (D) I decided upon the ESP32 platform chip due to its powerful feature set enabling the use of cryptographic functions and cheap cost. We have options of Wifi and Bluetooth if needed, though the focus will be around not enabling these on the board. The code is very basic as this is my first time with playing with MCUs and development micro controller boards. Everything will be released in due time as well as this post updated, this thread will serve as a historical and discussion venue. Some early prototyping with a breadboard + ESP32 Dev Board + 128x32 OLED display Some serial console output of some transaction signing attempts on chip
  5. Yup lol, KeepKey now partially integrated! Connect to your Keepkey by running Kronos on your localhost over WebUSB, You can then view your Address #0 and xpubs of your Denarius address derivation from your BIP39 seed phrase used/stored on the device. You can then view transaction history and balance of the address, Transaction signing will be coming soon. More KeepKey integration soon! Wiping your device, Setting/Chaning your PIN, and Recovering (Setting a seed phrase) to your KeepKey with or without a BIP39 passphrase are coming soon!
  6. Tons of updates to Kronos! So many to list! Kronos v1.3.2 -New Terminal! (Access the terminal of your device Kronos and Denarius are hosted on) -Generate and Convert Denarius Minikeys directly in Kronos now! -Kronos Local LevelDB for storing encrypted data -During the first launch of Kronos you will prompted to create a username and password for your install which is then encrypted and stored in your new local Kronos leveldb -View your newly locally generated 24 word BIP39 seed phrase, the addresses currently derived from it are password protected with your password you setup when you start Kronos for the first time, These are not currently used for anything and are also stored encrypted to your local leveldb (kronosleveldb) for possible future use. -Mobile Friendly Updates (Still maybe some things and some reworking) -Start of ES6 support for more internal progress -ElectrumX Server Cluster Support, Now Kronos clusters its list of Denarius ElectrumX servers for failover redundancy if one goes offline or has issues connecting (Currently 3 online 24/7) https://status.denarius.pro -New Kronos Denarius Block Explorer! View Addresses, Transactions, and Blocks! You can now also search via the search in the top right -New Peers page to view your Denarius peers -New Logout Option under the new "Gear" menu in the top right -Some other random updates, bug fixes, and styling updates GET KRONOS: https://github.com/carsenk/kronos
  7. How to easily swap or change endianness in Javascript, NodeJS, etc. with one simple function! changeEndianness() const changeEndianness = (string) => { const result = []; let len = string.length - 2; while (len >= 0) { result.push(string.substr(len, 2)); len -= 2; } return result.join(''); } You can then use this function with any string to convert its endianness Example of using function: var yourstringvar = 'Your string goes here to swap endianness'; var newendian = changeEndianness(yourstringvar); console.log('Your newly swapped endian string', newendian);
  8. So not a lot of information out there, but if you want to convert a Bitcoin or Denarius or any standard crypto typically, you take the block hex to a block hash (typically used for block explorers and things) you just do the following: changeEndianness(SHA256(SHA256(BLOCKHEX))) So basically visually in text it would be: BLOCKHEX => Hashed to SHA256 => Hashed to SHA256 => Swap Endianness = Block Hash You are just hashing the hex twice and then swapping the endianness to obtain the hash of the block.
  9. Glad to have you back! Thank you everyone so far that has made a post, your D has been sent and BF$ donated, it means a lot for all the support! 😎 This giveaway will continue to run for awhile!
  10. More massive updates all around, dPi is now Kronos. Kronos now uses Socket.io to perform dynamic data updates on the dashboard and other pages. This is a work in progress still, so let me know if you have any issues! I recommend a fresh install now with the new rebranding.
  11. Got it up and running, using 15M right off the bat 🤣 lets hope this increases the longevity of the SD Cards You can also install it via their repo echo "deb http://packages.azlux.fr/debian/ buster main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/azlux.list wget -qO - https://azlux.fr/repo.gpg.key | sudo apt-key add - apt update apt install log2ram
  12. You can unlock your wallet for staking only now! Also there is a nice pulsating staking icon now for when your node is staking your coins, there is also transaction notifications now on the dashboard, if you update to v1.2.4-alpha please reboot your denarius.daemon
  13. Also found these on Github, not sure if clean or viruses, so do your own due diligence: https://github.com/llevene/FORTNITE-HACK-1 https://github.com/vjeko71/ForniteSangria-Cheat https://github.com/THEGUY3ds/FortniteSourceCode
  14. Hmmm, what about this? https://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1434251&s=8b280877662f74557c038cfc165a3338 That forum seems to have a few, that has the source code which is in Python, but I would still download in a VM to ensure its safe.
  15. Still hoping for Assassins Creed Odyssey to go free
  16. I highly recommend using https://hybrid-analysis.com for any and all your file scanning needs! You can input a URL before you download and have a full analysis done on the unknown file. This is a deeper and more precision alternative to https://virustotal.com
  17. https://www.aimforest.com/cheat-detail/fortnite-aim-esp-undetected-hack-cheat AimForest seems like it could be decent and then this Fortnite Aimbot posted on this other forum: https://cs-joke.pl/thread-19704.html I would be wary and run them in a VM or sandbox first to ensure nothing fishy, https://hybrid-analysis.com does a good job of scanning a malicious file directly from a link as well.
  18. Addresses page got some more love and updates, It now checks every single one of your addresses to see if you own it (IsMine) to ensure better address validation and precision. I also added a Toggle so you can easily swap between the modern version of the addresses page (blocks style) or the sortable table version. No version increment yet, but updates have been pushed to the Github! More updates will be incoming soon!
  19. Addresses Page has been fixed and then updated to included QR Codes now for each address! Importing Private Keys was fixed and the start of generating mnemonic seed phrases has been implemented, if you are choosing option 3 and updating from any previous release, please before updating edit your .env to include SECRET_KEY=<whateverrandomcharactersyouwanthere> and then updating and starting dPi again. Fresh installs will not need to do this, but anyone updating from a previous version will need to. Current version is now v1.2.1-alpha, Need feedback and testers!
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