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  1. I was thinking about it and if there was such an option I would be all for it and if somebody wants to trade their DNR for cash I would trade. The problem is however that crypto is very volatile and the pairs are all with BTC as there is no other liquidity at all as nobody really accepts it (which is the only way how to make stuff like DNR valuable and top coin - find people who will accept it). So despite seing stuff like "DNR is 0.4 USD" it actually is not. Somebody would have to set it up and connect it to their wallet.
  2. Hey jkramer, I told you above but as I am now at home I checked it and I was correct - you can set intensity by adding i. e. "-i 14" in your bat file after your password and login. So for example "gminer.exe --blake256 -o -u Username.1 -p x -I 14"
  3. Wow, thank you, tendermartin - I am actually trying to get into Crypto and honestly Denarius is one of the few projects I got genuinly interested in - and probably the only one I would really vouch for. I am currently collecting some small amounts from leaky faucets, mining (got about 0.8 mined in four nights as I have a very old gpu card) and generally try to test everything before I get in with my own money next month I will definitely go and hang out on Slack late on.
  4. I am using sgminer but I saw cgminer too - there should be the possibility to add param "-i XX" that manages the intensity. Be careful with it though. I use -d under sgminer which sets it automatically to "desirable" level.
  5. I like this topic but I kinda forgot where I saw Denarius first. I think it was on Whattomine or on Coinmarket cap with my friend when we were starting to look into crypto a few weeks ago. Since then I became a huge fan
  6. Awesome! DHMeHokXCbGSTJfRUMLuFEyR5HBtmPdg4y
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