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  1. You could try installing the latest wallet Also you can go to 'debug' menu option command line and type in 'repairwallet'. Then close the wallet and reopen and see if that helps. I had the problem you're having yesterday and the above seemed to fix it.
  2. Thanks, I'll encrypt now. Does the wallet have to be unlocked to be able to do staking??
  3. Hi, I noticed an "Encrypt' menu option on the Wallet under the 'Settings' menu option. Is this recommended? If I don't Encrypt the wallet, is the wallet vulnerable? Thanks, Paul
  4. It's a .conf file. it will be in the folder where sgminer.exe is. Go through this link that goes through step by step how to setup for mining and modifying the config file.  Â
  5. Nice one. And good to know your experience on the forum in case other people have the same issue.
  6. Maybe the wallet.dat is corrupted. might explain why it fails like that. Can you import your private key where the coins are into another wallet like coinomi if you wanted to do something with them. Maybe you should wipe the whole wallet install and start from scratch?
  7. It just takes time. I've been staking for a month now, and have only 3 transactions from staking and all of them are 'not accepted'. They are for small amounts. At this point in time with POW, there's not much benefit to staking. Even if you do get staking/mined transactions they may not get an 'Accepted' status, meaning that they're like orphaned transactions. So, happy to be proven wrong on this. Maybe for some DNR holders with thousands of DNR maybe they get a lot of value from staking, but in my own experience this hasn't been the case. Â
  8. I've moved my DNR from Cryptopia to the DNR paper wallet. I now want to move DNR from the paper wallet to the windows wallet so I can do staking. HOw can I import or swipe the paper wallet into the windows wallet? I've looked around for help on it but cannot find out how to do it  Also, what is my wallets private address and how can I back that up and store it separately on paper or file?  Thanks for the help
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