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  1. Is it possible to change my vote? I voted against FPGA, Now after reading a lot of the discussions here I actually think it'd be best just to leave FPGAs. If people with GPUs want to compete mining then buy a cheap FPGA. Who are we benefiting by changing the Algo for GPU over FPGA?? Only really a small group that have invested a lot in GPU mining and have a lot of GPU cards. The average person with 1 or 2 GPUs is most likely not mining D anymore because the power cost is too high (I'm one of those). If it's possible for us 'average' joe miner to buy an FPGA and mine D to HODL then maybe that's a better outcome then a select group with huge amounts of GPU. Â
  2. Maybe FPGAs are just the new GPUs for mining. If you want to mine then get an FPGA. Why use expensive GPU devices that consume a lot of power when a device that is a quarter of the price and consumes much less power is available. Maybe it's more 'greeny' to use FPGAs, better for the environment. I may consider buying an FPGA and then Hodl, but I know I cannot use a GPU effectively. My only concern about the FPGAs now is miners dumping on the exchanges. But maybe that's just in the short term future. Once Denarius switches to POS or nears the switch over to POS then price would probably recover.
  3. Also, we need to keep in mind the 'dangers' of hard forking. Remember what happened last time D was forked a few months ago? It was a bit of a mess and D price more than halved and never really recovered in price. It took a while for the Denarius Blockchain to get sorted out. If D is hard forked then remember Testing, Testing, Testing...you can't do too much testing and Code/peer reviews. Nearly every modern software development shop now have Peer code reviews and separate QA testing. I've been doing this at work in software development for the last 5 years. At first I was apprehensive but it's proven to me to be invaluable.
  4. This has been a very interesting discussion and some great points made. The points brought up by whitefire990 are very good, and the I personally stopped mining Denarius using my GPU due to power costs. I mined about 20 D and had to pay an extra $250 in power bill for the quarter. So unless you have cheap power then D would only get mined as whitefire990 says in some mining GPU farm. I feel due to power that it is out of reach for a lot of people. So maybe FPGA should be allowed to continue. As others have said the POW will end soon-ish in another year and a bit. The question is, can D survive non-hodler FPGA miners dumping on the exchanges? Â
  5. There's a reason why other coins have changed their Algo to be more 'resistant' to ASIC miners. It's recognised that miners dumping large volumes of coin on the exchanges does nothing to help the coin. All it does is destroys the price. The same goes for FPGA, in fact any type of miner (ASIC, FPGA, etc) that destroys mining for the average person/Hodler. If FPGA miners were HODLers then probably not so much an issue. But this hasn't been the case. If FPGA miners are allowed to multiply cheaply then they could easily push D price down to the low hundreds, which is not good for any Denarius Enthusiast or HODLer. I think 'organic' growth from average person/gpu mining will allow for a gradual growth of Denarius.Â
  6. You could try installing the latest wallet Also you can go to 'debug' menu option command line and type in 'repairwallet'. Then close the wallet and reopen and see if that helps. I had the problem you're having yesterday and the above seemed to fix it.
  7. Thanks, I'll encrypt now. Does the wallet have to be unlocked to be able to do staking??
  8. According to the Denarius explorer 620,000 was at 2018-03-08 01:52:13.  http://denarius.name/block/0000000000104d84e74bf5681cb3a21a15404d85a6804dd6278360a18f33826c  What explorer will this competition use to decide on the winner?
  9. Hi, I noticed an "Encrypt' menu option on the Wallet under the 'Settings' menu option. Is this recommended? If I don't Encrypt the wallet, is the wallet vulnerable? Thanks, Paul
  10. Thanks zerosight...my entry is with GMT+0,  ,ie timezone 0Â
  11. Hi, can one of the judges please explain what a GMT timezone is for the purposes of the competition?? I thought it was meant to be UTC time with zero time zone, ie not + or - hours for timezone, as it's meant to be the BASE 0 timezone. The rules of the competition are that you cannot edit your entry otherwise you forfeit.  So in terms of the competition, are the Judges going to consider the date times entered as GMT with timezone 0?? Thanks,   GMT – Greenwich Mean Time / Coordinated Universal Time (Standard Time) Also known as: UTC – Coordinated Universal Time, GT – Greenwich Time   Currently observing GMT.  Areas with same time currently (UTC +0). Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) has no offset from Coordinated Universal Time(UTC). This time zone is in use during standard time in: Europe, Africa, North America, Antarctica. This time zone is often called Greenwich Mean Time.  Â
  12. Maybe we should have a handicap, that the further out from the block 645k your entry is then the higher your handicap is.....just to reward those people that get their entries in earlier and therefore greater risk of deviation from actual datetime block 645k will occur. Â
  13. My entry is: Tuesday, 20 March 2018 at 5:53:05 pm 2018-03-20 17:53:05 yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS  My wallet address is:  DGUbLcLhAMg43cmp7u1sy2vewF5TFRU2cp  Thanks User: vagumera, Discord: @jellysmash, Twitter: Vagrant Â
  14. This might sound dumb but where can I enter my block time for this competition.  I cant find a link anywhere to actually enter my datetime and wallet entry!!
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