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  1. yes its true not all display driver are supported by ubuntu 16.10
  2. its due international shipping cost accros continent Â
  3. Its super easy to earn 1 dnr, just mining this coin with your GPU , I am already testing  it by myself  even 100$ used card like  rx 460 was able to mining 1 dnr / day (24 hours) lol Better GPU should be faster They have 24 x 7 hours to buy one  ticket, so much time to mining 1 DNR another option is buy some DNR still really cheap approx 1 usd / dnrÂ
  4. Good idea , the contest rule maybe 1. Guess Denarius (DNR/BTC) price , 1 people 1 entry can not be changed or 2 entry should buy 2 ticket and more 2. Weekly event 3. The Winner is people thats have closest guessing from closing weekly candle stick from higher volume exchange, 3rd party deciding the winner so its will be fair example of clossing candle price 4. Can not Guess the same price for 2 or more people, the first people make guessing is the valid one 5. Prize will be sent via gitter account so you need to register on denarius gitter chat room Goal Educating people how to trade and make and analysis on crypto market For Fun Increase forum activity Price Pool 1. 50 % 2. 25% 3.12.5 % 4. 6.25 % 5. The rest Budget plan 1. Participant buy ticket for guessing , then sent it to trusted denarius member (mods, admin etc) to collect the price More participant more prize forexample:  ticket  price = 1 DNR participant 100 price pool = 100 DNR participnt 1000 price pool = 1000 DNR etc or 2. Admin give budget to current contest, disadvantages more participant the prize pool is the same or 3. Prize pool is combination between admin budget + participant ticket  (bigger price poll) Your choice Addition / modify rule welcome : Share your ideaÂ
  5. a really good project, but todays mobile game also YUGE for RPG tower defence etc game type, why not try mobile gaming I think all people on the world use smart phone nowadaysÂ
  6. how much hash rate from your card?
  7. https://steemit.com/mining/@cryptomkd/how-to-start-mining-denarius-dnr-on-pool Resteem
  8. Awesome Maybe next contest DNR sticker design contestÂ
  9. good jobs, finally we can easily calculated approximatelly denarium mining earning but the calcultion still not working properlyÂ
  10. sadly sticker unavailable right nowÂ
  11.       Hello Everyone !                                                                DENARIUS MAN T SHIRT 20 usd / 50 DNR (current price) Reverse :  https://teespring.com/new-denarius_copy_1#pid=2&cid=6568&sid=back DENARIUS WOMEN TANK TOP Price :$24.99 / 50 DNR (Current DNR Rate) Reserve : https://teespring.com/DENARIUS-TANKTOP#pid=338&cid=6334&sid=back                 DENARIUS HOODIE    PRICE : 45.99$ / 100 DNR (Current Rate) Reverse : https://teespring.com/denarius-hoodie#pid=290&cid=6111&sid=front  DENARIUS TOTE BAG Price :19.99$ / 40 DNR (Current DNR Rate) Reserver : https://teespring.com/denarius-bag-7195#pid=526&cid=101936&sid=back  DENARIUS MUG PRICE :14.99$ / 30 DNR (Current DNR Rate) RESERVE :https://teespring.com/denarius-mug-2017#pid=522&cid=101870&sid=back DNR / USD RATE Can Be Found On DNR Wallet  SHOP DNR ADDRESS : D7NLgfHwEPiJjCdc546vwmYcYAmtrKTUQ8
  12. vote how about https://poswallet.com/Â
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