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Denarius Snap Daemon FortunaStake Guide [Masternode SNAP - TOR - GUIDE]


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Denarius Snap Daemon FortunaStake Guide [Masternode TOR]


How to setup a Denarius FortunaStake with TOR and Snap daemon.

Get a VPS with Ubuntu 20.04 to setup the FortunaStake side, this holds no private keys or collateral
This is a good provider, you want more than 2gb ram setup

First setup the collateral wallet with 5000 as that will take 500 confirms before you can start the FortunaStake. Plenty of time to setup the VPS side. If you have good 24/7 internet you can run the VPS part at home on a Raspberry Pi4 or some low wattage computer with more than 2gb ram.

#Setup Collateral Wallet

This will take 500 confirms before being able to start, so do the send first, then read through the guide. Send exactly 5000 D to an address and give that address a label like FS01.

Script for VPS Portion Located Here
This will pull master branch and compile the latest wallet. And add a cronjob to restart wallet every hour to make sure things stay in sync.


QT Wallet
After sending 5000 D to a labelled address, we need the following; transaction hash and index of the 5000 send, fortunastake private key, and your VPS IP address.


Sample fortunastake.conf

FS01 6J8tAUsVhXBgfdeewqsdghySWEQEeb4XGSC251sM7bYQgEXh7 f08d926f92cc4c65321344828f6394f41121903502459ffde4ef7aef39e6392b 0

fortunastake private key

fortunastake genkey

fortunastake transaction hash and id

fortunastake outputs

VPS of your ip should be somewhat obvious, but this guide will instead use TOR onion address down below. You can pick a clearnet or onion address for this.

After creating your fortunastake.conf, save and restart the QT wallet.

Sample QT denarius.conf


Now that address has locked the 5000 D collateral.

#Setup VPS Side

#setup denarius user

adduser denarius

#input strong password

usermod -aG sudo denarius

Relogin to vps as denarius user

#update Ubuntu

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

#Install fail2ban

sudo apt install fail2ban

#Install SNAP Daemon

sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install denarius

#Install TOR

sudo apt install tor

#setup TOR port for FortunaStake

sudo nano /etc/tor/torrc

at top add these new lines

HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_denarius/
HiddenServiceVersion 2
HiddenServicePort 33369
HiddenServicePort 9999

#restart tor service

sudo service tor restart

#get onion hidden service address, example -> youronionaddress.onion

sudo cat /var/lib/tor/hidden_denarius/hostname

#save this for denarius.conf

#setup chaindata

cd ~
mkdir -p ~/snap/denarius/common/.denarius
cd ~/snap/denarius/common/.denarius
sudo apt install unzip
wget https://denarii.cloud/chaindata.zip
unzip chaindata.zip

#Run denarius daemon to prepopulate the denarius.conf in this directory and start syncing from chaindata block height


#give it about 5 minutes to load and stop daemon to reconfigure denarius.conf

denarius.daemon stop

#update denarius.conf with the settings below

nano denarius.conf

Add below


#Start your VPS Snap Daemon


#Start FortunaStake from your QT Collateral Wallet
#go to debug console

fortunastake start-alias FS01

#check this is started on the VPS daemon

cd ~/snap/denarius/common/.denarius
tail -f debug.log

Welcome to collecting 33% of block rewards randomly through the day

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