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  1. How to create standalone qube from debian-10-crypto template Name: Coinomi type: Standalone qube copied from a template template: debian-10-crypto networking: default (sys-firewall) go to firefox for this new qube and download Coinomi wallet for linux open terminal and cd ~/Downloads cp coinomi-wallet-<version>.tar.gz ~/ cd ~ tar -xzvf coinomi-wallet-<version>.tar.gz link the Coinomi exec to your usr/local/bin folder sudo ln -s ~/Coinomi/Coinomi /usr/local/bin now we want to use coinomi-wallet.desktop to setup the easy click menu copy the contents of that file to /usr/share/applications/coinomi-wallet.desktop sudo nano /usr/share/applications/coinomi-wallet.desktop coinomi-wallet.desktop [Desktop Entry] Name=Coinomi Wallet Type=Application Categories=Financial Exec=Coinomi Icon=/home/user/Coinomi/icons.png MineType=text/html; Keywords=Bitcoin;Coinomi;Crypto;Denarius; save this go back to your Coinomi Qube -> qube settings -> applications -> refresh applications Launch Coinomi Wallet from the Coinomi Qube NOTE: I have no idea where the default icon is located
  2. Coinomi is a cryptocurrency wallet that can work on Mobile, Tablet and PC and store your Denarius coins along with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a lot of other top crytpocurrencies. Download Link or go to app store on iPhone or Android https://www.coinomi.com/ For the first guide I am going to show how to receive and send in Ubuntu, its basically the same on any desktop OS. download and unzip the binary, on Ubuntu its in the Downloads/Coinomi directory and called Coinomi. Double click the icon. The first screen that pops up is Create a new wallet or Restore a wallet. Lets Create a new wallet. This is the most important step. This recovery phrase is your seed in case something happens to your computer, tablet or phone. If I create this wallet on the desktop PC, I can then install coinomi on the phone and use this recovery seed to bring back all my crypto coins. Write this down, store it somewhere safe, don't let anyone see this seed as its the keys to your wallet. Checkmark I have safely stored my recovery phrase. And click next. At the recovery phrase confirmation screen, it will ask you to click each word from the phrase above to verify you stored this somewhere safe. Once you click them all click Next. I clicked them all in order and the Next is chopped off for screenshots. Now we set a password. This is another very important step. If someone can get access into your pc, phone or tablet, all they need to send funds out is your password. Make this strong and never reuse passwords in anything crypto related. Click next. Its now time to add coins. Click Bitcoin so we always add that because why not. Now type denarius into the search box and click Denarius.  Accept the terms of service. We now see our new wallet. BTC and D show up to now send and receive from. But we don't have any Denarius in coinomi to send, click Denarius and we see the Receive and Send buttons. Clicking on receive we see our Denarius address along with a QR code. I generally copy and paste the code and email to myself to send to. On mobile there is a share button to share the address with whatever method your phone allows. I sent from my QT wallet, but could also send from the Panda Bot in the denarius discord. Go to your favorite explorer when you get the transaction id to check on the send. Chainz is easy enough -> https://chainz.cryptoid.info/d https://chainz.cryptoid.info/d/tx.dws?efb14989c884ddb41f17b0b2487ad30e9ded882e2654f708d50598966c3d019b.htm Eventually the Denarius coins will show up in the coinomi wallet. This is not always instant and might take a few minutes. If it seems like coinomi isn't refreshing you can force refresh the wallet by clicking the top right corner and then Refresh. You can also verify Coinomi's current block height to the Block Explorers block height or type denarii height in the discord channel. Which in my example coinomi is not in sync with the discord bot's wallet block height. Now you have your Denarius coins safely stored in your Coinomi wallet.
  3. If you are having issues with the wallet, go into your QT with funds address. Don't worry about syncing yet. Go to debug console to dump your private key. dumpprivkey Daddress Save this private key to import into Coinomi. Be secure with the private key as anyone can use this to steal from you. Install Coinomi and add Denarius. On Android go to Denarius and then click 3 dots and Sweep Wallet. Input Private Key you just dumped, and now your funds can be accessed.
  4. Hey everybody! Coinomi just added Denarius [DNR] to their Android Wallet app! (It is rumored they will have a Desktop Wallet coming out soon as well) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coinomi.wallet Download and Install Coinomi on your Android device and then go to "Add Coins" and Denarius is now available to use as a mobile wallet, you can also import DNR private keys and export them. More information about the Coinomi App:Â https://coinomi.com/
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