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  1. You can now trade,buy and HODL DucatusX DUCX that is listed on BiconomyCom exchange. Biconomy is a global digital asset trading platform. Learn more here https://t.co/FbcQ85MQob
  2. Trade,Buy and HODL DucatusX #DUCX that is listed on @BiconomyCom. Biconomy is a global digital asset trading platform. Learn more here https://t.co/FbcQ85MQob
  3. In my opinion you should trade, buy and HODL the native token of the DucatusX DUCX that was listed recently on BiconomyCom Buy here https://t.co/221p04J0fs
  4. I think you should Trade,Buy and HODL the native token of the @DucatusX #DUCX that is listed on @BiconomyCom Buy here https://t.co/221p04J0fs
  5. The DUCX is the native token of the DucatusX block chain and it has been listed on the BiconomyCom exchange and trading has commenced. Stay bullish, buy and HODL DUCX today. don't sleep on this Get it here Biconomy.com
  6. Join the #DUCX trading content on @Biconomy! they're are giving away a total of 103,500 $DUCX to all participants in their DUCX Welcome Bonus, Deposit & Buy, Trading. Date: Dec 24th_ 17 Jan 2023. Learn more: https://t.co/fGnf1YFyW2
  7. It is now less than 24hours to go Join DucatusX DUCX listing AMA on BiconomyCom, trading will commence on 21/12/2022 at 10:00 UTC and get a reward pool of $250 #USDT and $250 in $DUCX Join their TG: https://t.co/72dzAtZwNr
  8. AMA! AMA!! The 3rd edition of the @DucatusX Voice AMA series is here. Join the community with Ronny Tome and Deep Kotecha, #DUCX listing on @BiconomyCom Reward pool:$250 USDT and $250 worth of DUCX Date: 21/12/2022 Venue: https://t.co/j2wqhKH9h3 Time: 12:00 UTC
  9. AMA! AMA!! AMA!!We are excited to announce the 3rd edition of the Ducatus Voice AMA seriesGuestsRonny Tome - Founder, Ducatus GlobalDeep Kotecha - Head of exchangeFocus topicsDUCX listing on BiconomyRecently releasedThe GOLD MV tokenDenarius digital banking AppReward pool$250 USDT and $250 worth of DUCXDate: 21/12/2022Venue: https://t.me/ducatuscommunitiesTime: Noon UTC
  10. AMA! AMA!! AMA!! We are excited to announce the 3rd edition of the Ducatus Voice AMA series Guests Ronny Tome - Founder, Ducatus Global Deep Kotecha - Head of exchange Focus topics DUCX listing on Biconomy Recently released The GOLD MV token Denarius digital banking App Reward pool $250 USDT and $250 worth of DUCX Date: 21/12/2022 Venue: https://t.me/ducatuscommunities Time: Noon UTC
  11. Check out DucatusX blockchain that has three unique utility tokens deployed to it that are opening possibilities for building value-driven applications. Check out the AA+, GOLD-MV and $QMN tokens here : sales-dash.io
  12. Did you know you can join DucatusX DUCX ecosystem's global presence felt in the blockchain industry that is now listing on BiconomyCom as their first exchange. Date:21/12/2023 Time: 10:00 UTC Check it out biconomy.com Few days to go already
  13. I think you should get the GOLD MV token early on jump into the market now. I think this token is one of the latest projects with great potential on the DucatusX blockchain. Now available for purchase sales-dash.io
  14. Building your portfolio in a Sales Dash is such a great idea IMO. Check out these great projects deployed on the ducatusX blockchain GOLD MV, AA+ and QMN token on the DucatusX blockchain Purchase now sales-dash.io
  15. So many things to achieve before the end of 2022 The much anticipated Denarius banking app is now live in all stores and available to EU citizens Download both iOS https://t.co/lF3XKFiq6m Android https://t.co/SFJSTEzOMf Learn more: https://t.co/HAuMctziql
  16. To celebrate the launch of DucatusX Indonesian community, the DucatusX team are giving away a reward pool of 20,000 $DUCX and $500 USDT Read full details here DUCATUSX BOUNTY - Indonesia Community Launching Retweet and tag 3 people to stand a chance to win
  17. DucatusX Indonesia, Bounty Giveaway Invite friends to join the community, perform all the tasks and get a reward pool of 20,000 $DUCX and $500 USDT Join the TG: t.me/DucatusIndones…
  18. The only project I'm bagging now is QMN, the first pizza-themed digital asset on the DucatusX #blockchain. Check it out and is now available for purchase at sales-dash.io ducatus.com
  19. Do well to join the DucatusX Indonesia community. They are giving reward pool for a bounty program which is worth 20,000 $DUCX and $500 USDT, The top 40 participants will share 20,000 #DUCX and the top 5 participants will share $500 #USDT. Join up here t.me/DucatusX_Indon…
  20. Did you know that Denarius is a digital banking and payment platform that facilitates all your daily financial needs; from deposit to transfer, you can also send or request payments or use a physical or digital debit card for purchases on and offline Checkout: http://Denariusglobal.com for more info
  21. Denarius is founded with the age-old values of esteemed and satisfactory customer service, Denarius takes financial products and services further through the power of technology and innovation. The Denarius platform is built to facilitate connection and transactions from traditional banking transactions to purely digital transactions. Denariusglobal.com
  22. Whether you are an individual or a family planning for your financial future, a growing small business or an established organisation looking for alternative solutions, Denarius offers you greater access to financial flexibility and an unmatched flexibilities as well. Check out http://Denariusglobal.com for all info
  23. Did you know that DucatusX in now in Indonesia ? They just launched and they are giving a special Bounty which is now live You can participate and win this reward pool Join their TG: https://t.co/65WHJg88SP Also learn more here : https://t.co/VyRa08DlOu
  24. DucatusX Indonesia, is now live . You should benefit from the bounty and Giveaway All you need to do is to invite your friends to join the community, perform all the tasks and get a reward pool of 20,000 $DUCX and $500 USDT Join the TG: t.me/DucatusIndones…
  25. Join the utility tokens deployed to the DucatusX blockchain, it's highly recommended. Purchase AA+, $QMN and GOLD-MV from here salesdash
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