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Acorn SQRL 215+ Tribus Ubuntu 20.04

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Had to ask in the FPGA discord for how to make this work.

Download the linux driver from here http://www.squirrelsresearch.com/get-started-acorn/

untar and run

sudo ./sqrldma.run --noexec --target sqrldma_modified
sudo nano sqrldma_modified/sqrldma/cdev_xvc.c

ctrl+w to find mmiowb() and change this line to

// mmiowb()

now run in the sqrldma_modified folder

sudo ./build-install-run.sh

Then get the tribus miner

untar the miner and in the release/AcornMiner-linux64 folder run


say Y to let this flash, once that is done exit out and power off the PC, wait 10 seconds, and power back on.

now run that again to start mining.
sample start.sh


while true
	# ./AcornMiner <Hostname> <Port> <Wallet address> <Worker name> <Password> <Clock [MHz] (optional)>
	./AcornMiner mining.cafe 8533 DCMRvR6MUppPgP8vrMKuni4FL5de8SjicG acorn c=D 125

	echo "Restarting the miner in 10 seconds..."
	sleep 10


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