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  1. I would have liked less 0s between the decimal and the 1 but if it's that or nothing...I'll vote for it
  2. I gave this a try when it came out but it wasn't quite what I was looking for, I was expecting a sim city 5, and I felt it was less en depth. But it sure won't stop me from claiming it for free! ?
  3. Well I guess that would depend on how much effort you feel you need to put in on mobile. I'm not much of a mobile user, and even less for something like running a node. wait...so if this is a fork of Moonshine it's not actually like kronos right, since kronos runs a node with full blockchain + the extra features? This would be more like a lite wallet? If that is the case that sounds just fine for mobile and if it works well I think it's fine for most people, no need to reinvent the wheel.
  4. Old topic, but if anybody is still running acorns, you should be keeping the VRM T under 100
  5. Well this thread is still pinned and no updates since 2019, so here's a post! Currently there seem to be 2 active mining pools for Denarius, Mining.Cafe and Cryptogreek.cafe a 3rd was setting up ( letshash.online ), but they seem to have run into some issues anybody mining somewhere else?
  6. Merry birth period D! I found D because a bitstream was released for some FPGAs I had. DDz3HteeKBb8zTo2yywsqurwtDMLUUdfHh
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