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Denarius v2.5! Mandatory Update!


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Denarius v2.5 - Mandatory Update

Mandatory Update Denarius v2.5!

-Protocol Update (25213 now)
-Removed Litemode
-Removed Trading API (May add back in, in a future update)
-Reworked threading for Masternodes
-Removed Darksend 
(We want to bring a better privacy method of sending coins in Denarius, hence the removal of Darksend, we are currently looking into potentially integrating libzerocoin in a future release.)
-Removed Instantx
-Optimized Keypool
-General Optimization and Fixes
-Forced port 9999 for mainnet masternodes and 19999 for testnet
-Updated Watch Only Addresses/Support
-Optimized Syncing Speeds (Improved to around 200-400 blocks per second vs. old 3 blocks per second)
-Optimized Wallet
-Fixed sending transactions with a narration
-Added Watch Only balances in QT if any watch only addresses are available
-Added the ignoring of staking inputs for exact amounts of 5,000 DNR for masternodes
-Updated the listtransactions RPC command to provide vout information
-Old Nodes will no longer connect to our current protocol of 25213 after block 900,000, so ensure that you are updated to v2.5 on all of your Denarius and denariusd nodes before block 900,000.

If you have a node running do the following to update it:

./denariusd stop && cd .. && git pull && cd src && make clean && make -f makefile.unix

Grab Denarius v2.5 from here: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/

The latest v2.5 code is now merged into our master branch as well, for a quick git pull update!

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