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New PoW Block Reward of 0.0001 D?


New PoW Block Reward of 0.0001 D?  

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  1. 1. New PoW Block Reward of 0.0001 D?

    • Yes
    • No

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New PoW Block Reward of 0.0001 D?

The reasoning behind this poll is that small rewards 0.0001 D would not cause inflation in the network (~100 D per year via PoW mining) to where miners would not be dumping rewards, it would give a small incentive to mining Denarius, but at least there would be an incentive compared to the current 0 PoW Block Reward structure, it would grow Denarius (D) as a whole as all the hardware manufacturers, hobbyist miners, mining sites, tools, software, discussion, etc. would grow again.

To elaborate on the outlining issue, would be that currently we have PoW and no, it will not be removed, it is a core part of Denarius in general with the Tribus algorithm and our blocks. Currently as it stands, PoW rewards 0 D as block rewards, thus essentially spamming FS wallets and mining pools/payouts with zero block reward payouts, some software has hard interoperability with this 0 block reward structure causing crashes, etc. Fixing this reward to 0.0001 D solves this issue and would help to grow our hybrid ecosystem with Denarius without causing massive changes to inflation.

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Voted no as well. On second thoughts, the emission plan should not be changed at all. This is what makes credibility of the chain.

Only people who would have true benefits are the pool operator and even Buzz voted no (and tips for casual miners as me but don't care about it).

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