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  1. Hi, please go to your debug window in the bottom left of your wallet. You can type help to see a list of all commands. Sometimes when the wallet closes inadvertently this will happen but rarely when all threads don’t close. Scanforalltxns should be the command you need. If not that then repairwallet. Both commands will look like it freezes you wallet but it may take a long time to complete. Please let it do so (15 mins-hour etc) as it has to rescan the whole blockchain. It may ask you for your password, enter this and it should begin. Also, go to your appsdata/roaming in windows and backu
  2. I agree with buzz that touching this and altering genesis is a touchy subject but I believe that the small reward of .0001 or even .001 is a non issue and won’t hurt denarius. If anything it would stop all the annoying 0 inputs I get all day from FSs
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