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    Making some DNR stickers! I might occasionally add more things if I make new designs or come up with new items. If you want a particular design on a different item, just ask! Standard DNR: https://www.redbubble.com/people/bluetoothboy/works/27289475-denarius-dnr-standard-coin?asc=u Pixel Sort DNR: https://www.redbubble.com/people/bluetoothboy/works/27289270-denarius-dnr-pixel-sort?asc=u Dark DNR: https://www.redbubble.com/people/bluetoothboy/works/27289424-denarius-dnr-dark-coin?asc=u More coming soon!
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    Keep them coming guys and gals!
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    Good idea , the contest rule maybe 1. Guess Denarius (DNR/BTC) price , 1 people 1 entry can not be changed or 2 entry should buy 2 ticket and more 2. Weekly event 3. The Winner is people thats have closest guessing from closing weekly candle stick from higher volume exchange, 3rd party deciding the winner so its will be fair example of clossing candle price 4. Can not Guess the same price for 2 or more people, the first people make guessing is the valid one 5. Prize will be sent via gitter account so you need to register on denarius gitter chat room Goal Educating people how to trade and make and analysis on crypto market For Fun Increase forum activity Price Pool 1. 50 % 2. 25% 3.12.5 % 4. 6.25 % 5. The rest Budget plan 1. Participant buy ticket for guessing , then sent it to trusted denarius member (mods, admin etc) to collect the price More participant more prize forexample: ticket price = 1 DNR participant 100 price pool = 100 DNR participnt 1000 price pool = 1000 DNR etc or 2. Admin give budget to current contest, disadvantages more participant the prize pool is the same or 3. Prize pool is combination between admin budget + participant ticket (bigger price poll) Your choice Addition / modify rule welcome : Share your idea
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    Greetings! Some of you might know that I used to develop online RPGs with 3 successful games: Kanium, Ultix Empires and Talusia Online. I built these games years a go and I haven't really done anything in the passed 3 years in regards to game development. I recently had a idea for a game that incorporates Denarius which may draw more attention from gamer's to crypto currencies such and DNR and wanted to get some thoughts / ideas from you guys. I used to be a good VB6 coder, but that language is basically dead, and only used for training purposes, so the engine I created in VB over the space of 10 years is outdated and canny crap now. One of my old friends, who still works in the game industry has said that I can use the engine he has developed for free which is powerful .NET engine. The game would not be all fancy 3D graphics, as I deal more in retro style top down 2D games, like Zelda and rough like games. Here is a really old screenshots of TalusiaOnline (2006) to get an idea of style I want to do: TalusiaOnline had over 400 Accounts created with an active player base of around 230-300 players at a time. The game I will be making will be much better than the screenshot above, that is old, just wanted to show a general idea of 2D prospective. My Idea is to have a world that is based on crypto currency mining, battling monsters PvE, PvP, quests and such. The main antagonist is trying to destroy nodes in the game to destroy the crypto world (have a full story which I will post later, this is just a general post to get peoples feelings on if I should do this or not). I will of course be incorporate Denarius in to the game as a actually currency along side a made up general game currency. So players can use DNR to buy extra stuff in game (not actually needed to play the game, its an extra if you want to buy stuff) but to have it so players can convert in game currency in to actual DNR to get in the real world So the more you play the game and get stronger (level up) and better at mining/battling you will be earning DNR as you play I will post a list of features the engine has, as well as extra's I will be hard-coding in to game for this projects purpose. If this starts and I get good interest from people I may need a few with game development history to help me out. Thoughts/ideas/feedback all welcome Screenshot6.bmp
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    I'll see what I can do, but I would have no idea where to go for things like that. Redbubble has a good selection of products, but it's mostly clothes and utility items (i.e. phone cases, mugs, duvets, etc. Feel free to look through their items though and if you see something you want DNR on, lemme know!
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    That would be my luck! Thanks for the information...it is greatly appreciated.
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    I know this is off topic but since we are talking about wallet features, how about a calculator? Maybe it sounds silly but when I have 5 open wallets and am sending and receiving I always need a calculator or two. It could just be a feature where the selected addresses in the transaction window show a total below next to the staking icon. Or a popup window where you can send selected amounts. It would save me, at least, a lot of time and work! It would be simple to implement (I guess) and denarius would be the first wallet with incorporated calculator(If I am not wrong) ?
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    BogCoin - Coin used to purchase toilet time Would be the worst coin to mine haha (Bog = Slang for toilet where I'm from)
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    @Carsen Haha no way Eclipse / Chaos!! Thats what I started off on then started to build my own extension of them! I was around when Mirage first came out and expanded to the likes of Eclipse! Small world eh? haha I will keep you updated on how this goes but I think it will be a great idea and draw attention to both the game and DNR
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    Good news! Lemme check to see when they update coinomi‏ @CoinomiWallet Following More Replying to @coreshift 7 more coins and many new tokens coming out in a few days
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    Is it only me or CoinExchange.io is taking much time to process a buy? I bought about 400 DNR yesterday and took more than an hour to complete the Trade. Is this normal? Thanks, suggest me if you know an Exchange from the list, which process buy of big amounts (> 250 DNR) fast.
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    DNR alive and well on cryptopia! Whats next, coinomi?
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    I understand that these are ASICs units, and Denarius is an ASIC resistant coin, so i believe not.
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    Nice! Thanks! Love The Denarius! Wallet: DS2yQMc2dbMXrr7pqwYAeU9MBnMGPhE3SQ Also: https://hashbag.cc/?address=DS2yQMc2dbMXrr7pqwYAeU9MBnMGPhE3SQ
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    That is an excellent development. I am curious as to why the whattomine website doesn't list wayyyyyyyyyyyy more algorithms on its front page. I can't see skein profitability, nist5 profitability, tribus profitability etc. etc. unless i actually look up the coin.
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    Thank you so much, I will try.
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    young people even children need to know about crypto if we want it to change the world. They should never be a part of the slave system As I said its been in my mind for a year now. But its difficult to make a game that educates and is fun to play. we need ideas
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    a really good project, but todays mobile game also YUGE for RPG tower defence etc game type, why not try mobile gaming I think all people on the world use smart phone nowadays
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    updated ccminer available now with improved DNR algo https://hashbag.cc/ccminer-2.2-skunk.zip includes hashbag urls in the batch files original 7z version at http://ccminer.org/preview/ccminer-2.2-skunk.7z
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