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  1. Some of us are promoting DNR on troll boxes saying that the best currency to use between exchanges is DNR. It is the fastest and cheapest way to transfer money between exchanges. DNR is a good tool for traders. It would be nice to have a chart reflecting this, like the one hossango did for DNR speed. A chart that indicates how much time and how much it costs to use DNR in between exchanges in comparison with btc, eth, dash or whatever popular currency that is used now for moving money. Once traders start using DNR they wont look back at BTC :-)
  2. I like them all however in Thorth chart Bitcoin seems to be the "winner"
  3. Very good idea! I will be waiting for the donation address
  4. Thanks razzededge so there is basically nothing that can be done that would give an advantage to small miners, what a shame.
  5. I know this is off topic but since we are talking about wallet features, how about a calculator? Maybe it sounds silly but when I have 5 open wallets and am sending and receiving I always need a calculator or two. It could just be a feature where the selected addresses in the transaction window show a total below next to the staking icon. Or a popup window where you can send selected amounts. It would save me, at least, a lot of time and work! It would be simple to implement (I guess) and denarius would be the first wallet with incorporated calculator(If I am not wrong) ?
  6. Everything in crypto is hype and money and greed, maybe it would not be a bad idea to do it differently and get the people on our side in stead of whales and goldmann sachs lol DNR fast transactions slow crowd mining
  7. would it be possible to cap the coins mined per day? Letting a fixed number of coins being mined every day at low hash rates would make it uninteresting for farms to mine and denarius would stay with the people. Just a noob idea!
  8. spreading like wildfire
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