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windows 10 wallet


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Hey guys I had a power outage last night and it reset all my rigs and personal computer. when I loaded my computer that has my windows wallet on it, it kept failing and eventually my windows defender uninstalled it. I reinstalled the windows 10, but haven't been able to open it, I save my backup phrases in a .dat file. I am unsure what program to open it with, when I open the .dat file in word or notepad it is encrypted. anyone have any suggestions for that? also the error code for denarius wallet loading is.

Assertion Failed!


Program:c:/program files (x86)/denarius/denarius.exe

File:src/kernel.cpp, Line 374

Expression:pindex->pprev ll pindex->GetBlockHash()==(!fTestNet ? hashGenesisBlock:hashGenesisBlockTestNet)


immediately after I get this

Runtime Error!

Program:c:/Program Files (x86)/Denarius/Denarius.exe

This applications has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.


Any help would be greatly appreciated since I have about 200 DNR on my wallet


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