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  1. tinchopf

    PoS Changes?

    How are the staking chances managed in PoSv3? Using nCoinAge? Also, chance to make the change sooner, like if (pindexBest->nHeight >= 400000) nSubsidy = nCoinAge * nRewardCoinYear / 365; (Keeps the current reward structure minus / COIN, higher PoS %) ?
  2. That could mean that BRUTUM is on a wrong chain, thus the delay. You can join hashbag in the meantime
  3. intensity untouched, only removed the meandiff parametert. both stock and oc
  4. I have, works like a charm with my single 1050 ti
  5. Hashbag.cc, 0% fee during this month, muiltple stratums, payout every 2 hours. And reacts possitively when you trashtalk about it
  6. pssst, https://denariustalk.org/index.php?/topic/57-denarius-wallet-nice-to-have-features/
  7. I believe you can get the CPU miner source and compile it. Enkayz helped somebody do it a couple of weeks ago
  8. Hello everybody, Just opening this topic for us to tell which features we would like to be included in the wallet, consolidate and track them. Features: - Portable wallet - Improved staking information - Wallet backup schedule - GUI configuration for .conf file - Node management + automatically update node list - More accessible coin per address information - Improve readability of coin control feature Implemented in v1.0.5.0 - RPC call to get current price data in both BTC and USD (forward from http://denarius.io/dnrusd.php and http://denarius.io/dnrbtc.php) - RPC call to allow the sending of coins from a specific address - Show the sum amount of multiple selected rows in transaction tab Feel free to add your ideas and i will update this post
  9. tinchopf


    It's like a good wine. The longer it's saved, the better. A.K.A the more time you are without winning a PoS, the more weight your DNR will have. Once you win, your weight will decrease.
  10. Show me the DNR D8ydm1ru2TZKhentPNz51TM3gohzPWPEMJ
  11. Gooooo DNR! D8ydm1ru2TZKhentPNz51TM3gohzPWPEMJ
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