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Exposing Bitcointalk corruption

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Exposing Bitcointalk corruption

A few months ago Denarius was victim of a targeted attack by some Bitcointalk trolls, this attack was later supported by a corrupt moderator "Lauda".

It seems like this trolls are paid by Bitcointalk,
Theymos is Bitcointalk administrator,
And we all know that Blockstream toke over Bitcointalk a few years ago.

Lets take a look at some coincidences.
This users are supporting the negative flag against kingcarsen
This flag was created by mosprognoz  
Support: Lauda, owlcatz, cryptodevil, examplens, nutildah, Lafu, ibminer, TMAN, TheUltraElite, xtraelv, Coolcryptovator, IconFirm, charlie137, mosprognoz, pandukelana2712, notblox1, elmanchez

This users often interact with each others, and often troll and attack other projects, all this attacks are coordinated.
Here are some examples, they all been trolling BSV and BCH for years:

mosprognoz   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5149062.msg53019427#msg53019427
Lauda https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5149062.msg51437956#msg51437956
owlcatz https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5215763.msg53551809#msg53551809
cryptodevil https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5149062.msg52647441#msg52647441
nutildah https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5149062.0 
xtraelv https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5243791.msg54321689#msg54321689

So why they are trolling BSV and BCH, and why they coordinate attacks on other projects like Denarius?

The answer to that question can be that they are getting paid by Blockstream,
Blockstream is known for hiring trolls to attack BSV and BSC on 4chan, twitter, reddit, etc, but many of them been banned,
gmaxwell was banned from reddit because he tried to doxx another user, and he also was cought trolling with another account.

So why is Blockstream doing this?

Easy answer is, Bitcointalk is their home, they can be the police, and judge, tag anyone of being a scammer forever and ruin your project with false accusations as many projects use Bitcointalk and many crypto personalities have a Bitcointalk account.

Here is an example:

That link was made by Blockstream paid troll nutildah

Microguy who is an old user of the forum commented that he was friend of Satoshi and posted a link of the P2P fundation website that shows that Satoshi really add him as a friend.
As soon as he posted this he got his post deleted and gmaxwell attacked him calling him "scammer" "piece of shit"

At this point Microguy had no idea of what is going on, Satoshi friend him so why he is a piece of shit?

Nobody told Microguy that the account of that website was compromised, Microguy was unaware of that, so they tagged him as a scammer in Bitcointalk.
Even if Microguy apologize...

How do we know that those paid trolls are paid by Blockstream - Bitcointalk?
Simple, just looking at some history from some of the paid trolls, there is lot of evidence, like this..


Here nutildah is applying for a signature campaign, and he post this address

It looks like he didn't check that he already used that address, or maybe he didn't care.

If you look at the history of transactions, you can see that nutildah is getting deposits from this address

That address is Bitcointalk donation address

Why is nutildah getting paid by Bitcointalk?

Simple answer, He is a paid troll of Blockstream - Bitcointalk - Theymos and works directly for gmaxwell, thats why he created this post to ruin Microguy reputation https://archive.vn/GiaIA

More evidence that Bitcointalk is corrupt and uses trolls and moderators to accuse others and tag them as scammers are this two other users, they are accusing gmaxwell and Lauda of abuse of power.

Denarius was not attacked by some random trolls, it was attacked by Blockstream, same has happened before to BCH and BSV and it seems like they are now going for the smallest projects.
Help expose Blockstream attack on other projects.

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