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DNR Masternode SCRIPT Setup - Mainnet - Cold Wallet


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Script setup guide for VPS. If you want to use easy mode for setting up your VPS wallet, try out this script. https://github.com/denariuscrypto/masternode-script  This script is so easy and quick, that when its time to update the ubuntu wallet, just reimage your VPS and rerun.


Think of the QT Wallet as your remote control and the Ubuntu VPS as your TV. At the end of setup you will turn your TV (VPS) on using the remote (QT wallet). The remote doesn't need to be in the room while you binge on Netflix for the next month.

How to setup Windows QT Wallet as the Main Wallet and Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS for the VPS. Read through the guide first. Make sure to copy and paste keys and transactionhash to notepad or paper. Since so many are using Vultr, please spread the network out to different VPS's. I am trying to pick providers that I am pretty sure are located in separate data centers.



Deal Blogroll https://lowendbox.com/
Server Discussions Lowendtalk https://lowendtalk.com/categories/offers

Youtube Video Guide


Below is how to setup the QT Wallet for this, which the script does try to guide the user with already.

On putty right click or shift+insert will paste a command
when entering a password, the field will be blank

Setup QT Wallet

1. Make sure your wallet is fully synced before proceeding further. Using the QT wallet, enter the debug console (Help > Debug window). This step will generate a masternode private key, please note this down and this will be required later. Type the following command:

masternode genkey

2. Get masternode address for your masternode. Replace masternodename with your desired masternode name.

getaccountaddress masternodename

3. Send from your wallet exactly 5,000 DNR to the address you generated from step 2. Ensure you get 20 confirmation before proceeding.

4. Get the outputs of the transaction of the 5,000 DNR send to your masternode address. The long hash is your Transaction Hash and the number after is the Transaction Index. Please note this down and this will be required later.

masternode outputs

5. Navigate to your users Roaming folder. Copy and paste %AppData% This should show you the Roaming folder and find Denarius folder.

6. In the denarius folder we will create a denarius.conf file, if it is has not been created already. Copy and paste the configuration below to your denarius.conf file.


addnodes to the bottom of the denarius.conf above, this could help with syncing issues, not required though.

7. Create and save another configuration file called masternode.conf in the same location as denarius.conf.

<Alias name of your choice> <VPS IP address>:9999 <Private Key from step 1> <TransactionHash from step 4> <Transaction Index from step 4>

Example: MNDNR DF92WPpkqbr7s6Si4fdsfssjjapuFzAXwETCrpPJubnrmU6aKzh c8f4965ea57a68d0e6dd384324dfd28cfbe0c801015b973e7331db8ce018716999 1

8. Ensure you close or restart your main wallet.

Start masternode remotely - QT wallet

From your main computer, go to the debug console and verify masternode.conf file is setup properly

masternode list-conf

Make sure the data output here matches the information entered in the masternode.conf file. If not, edit the file and correct the data. You will have to restart the main wallet, if you update the masternode.conf file. If the masternode configuration matches then we can finally start the masternode.

Here is the command to get going on the VPS. And setup 1 MN per VPS you cheapskates! :x

apt-get install python -y
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/buzzkillb/masternode-script/master/denarius.py && python denarius.py

or for the no compile wallet that gets from hashbag.cc

apt-get install python -y
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/buzzkillb/masternode-script/master/denarius-nocompile.py && python denarius-nocompile.py

Once this is done get into the directory with su mn1. I would give this a good 20 minutes to make sure its synced up with the tail command below. Some more commands below once in there. Status=9 means its working.

su mn1
denariusd getinfo
denariusd masternode status
denariusd masternode debug
tail -f ~/.denarius/debug.log
tail -f ~/.denarius/debug.log | grep -i enabled

To update script
su -c "denariusd stop" mn1 && cd /opt/Denarius/src && git pull && make -f makefile.unix && cp denariusd /usr/local/bin/denariusd && su -c "denariusd" mn1


Start the masternode by executing the following on QT Wallet (QT Wallet needs to be unlocked):

masternode start-alias <alias name specified in masternode.conf>

If the output says “masternode is stopped” then run the following command:

masternode start

Verify on VPS masternode - VPS wallet

Login as root and at the prompt to get to denariusd type

su mn1

To ensure the masternode is running properly you can use the debug and status commands:

denariusd masternode debug

If there are no issues, there should be a message returned with no problems found.

denariusd masternode status

You should get a status 9 if the masternode is active and there is no issue!

How to read debug log on VPS wallet.

tail -f ~/.denarius/debug.log

After a while of disconnects on the debug.log, you will eventually see this below while you catch up with the blockchain.


You can see if your masternode is listed on the QT wallet - Masternode Icon > Denarius Network tab. If it does not appear straight away, give it 30mins and restart the wallet to check if your masternode shows up on the list

If you watch the debug.log while you run masternode start-alias masternodename from the QT wallet, you might be able to catch the screenshot below.


Masternode Status Codes



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15 hours ago, buzzkillb said:

You are looking for status 9. Not sure why it can't detect your external address. Try wiping the VPS and redo the script. 

I just redo step by step, finally, the same error happened.What is the external address?What's the masternodeaddr configuration option can I use?

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16 hours ago, buzzkillb said:

You are looking for status 9. Not sure why it can't detect your external address. Try wiping the VPS and redo the script. 

Followed this issue, I found the similar problem of Dash.This is the link about the externalip:https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/104371228/Updating+to+12.1+-+Masternodes

From the Dash conf, we can see it contain the externalip conf:


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4 hours ago, denafans said:

However, when I run the command "masternode start-alias Masternoder1" from QT wallet, the output didn't says "masternode is stopped", instead says:



I don't think the QT wallet matters too much from that point, you want to make sure the VPS status is right. And if this isnt working for you, set it up the manual way without the script.

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