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  1. Here's the thing everyone! I just found a badass Cardano project that recently deployed its dApp on the Milkomedia network, Blueshift.fi Blueshift introduces a new capital-efficient AMM digital exchange protocol based on Liquidity Portfolios with low price slippage, low impermanent loss, and high APR on investments. Not only that the Blueshift community is excited about the successful deployment of its protocol but the entire Cardano community is overly excited to have onboard a project with such rich uses that solve the tiny little monster problems in the decentralized finance ecosystem; high slippage tolerance and impermanent loss that is responsible for countless numbers of loss in the capital of DEX users, those kind of loses that a user feels frustrated about but cannot hold a particular factor responsible for it, yes it's that bad More info? Blueshift is backed by Shima Capital incubated by Occam.fi and successfully raised $3M seed capital funding round. It would interest you to know that Blueshift was audited by Certik, one of the industry's most reliable auditing platforms Just a few days ago Mexc Global exchange, a top 20 exchange announced on their official Twitter account that $BLUES will be listed on their platform By the 5th of April, Blueshift will start their IDO on the Occamfi launchpad, do save the date✍ Register for IDO here: https://razer.occam.fi/project/Blueshift Milkomedia network of Cardano went live on Monday the 28th of March with remarkable projects deploying on it, one of them being Blueshift. After Milkomedia went live you'd recall that 1. There's been a significant price movement in $ADA 2. Milkomedia is already disrupting the Ethereum Virtual Machine EVM ecosystem by providing low transaction fees that I believe is already a threat to Binance leading to its reduction in it's transaction fees In case you like to learn more about Blueshift here's coverage by newsbtc dApp: https://app.blueshift.fi Website: https://blueshift.fi Twitter: https://twitter.com/blueshift Telegram community: https://t.me/BlueshiftGroup Telegram announcement: https://t.me/Blueshift
  2. Denarius.io IPFS Public Gateway https://denarius.io now features an IPFS Gateway to the public. It will be updated and maintained, it is still being setup in a happy place, so please bare with us until it is stable. You can access any IPFS Hash or IPNS via the following denarius.io domain: https://ipfs.denarius.io IPFS Hashes: https://ipfs.denarius.io/ipfs/<hashgoeshere> IPNS Names: https://ipfs.denarius.io/ipns/<ipnsdomainorhash> Example of using the Denarius.io IPFS Gateway with an IPFS Hash of an image: https://ipfs.denarius.io/ipfs/QmXvTHKmPhUH55ZAL8e7yBRCcrts65RPxD2UJ3mzCLvLDR Example of using the Denarius.io IPFS Gateway with an IPNS domain https://ipfs.denarius.io/ipns/pos.watch
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