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  1. I think you should Trade,Buy and HODL the native token of the @DucatusX #DUCX that is listed on @BiconomyCom Buy here https://t.co/221p04J0fs
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  5. Buy DRC20 tokens; #QMN & AA+ before they get listed on public exchanges. Avail of early sales on https://t.co/BwSGJMY3To AA+ will give early buyers great upside opportunities in the short term on the exchange.
  6. I think purchasing #QMN #Pizza Token will be a good idea. #DucatusX blockchain is on boarding a #Pizza #NFT project that will satisfy all Pizza and NFT lovers. Purchase here https://t.co/OyRh9qgtHV
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  8. The AA+, GOLD-MV and $QMN tokens from the #DucatusX #blockchain, are opening possibilities for building value-driven applications. Purchase her https://t.co/OyRh9qy56v
  9. Are you interested in investment? Check out GOLD MV, one of the latest projects on the #DucatusX #blockchain. Available for purchase https://t.co/xih3qESuvXl
  10. You can build your portfolio in a Sales Dash through the two DRC20 tokens deployed on the #DucatusX #blockchain, GOLD MV, AA+ and $QMN Token. Visit the website https://t.co/ab7iYaksxN
  11. Guys! #DucatusX #Indonesia launch and the special Bounty event that is now live Participate and win this reward pool Join their TG https://t.co/Tnvw4Jz7YD You can learn more https://t.co/VyRa08DlOu
  12. I'm excited to come across the first DRC20 token to deployed on the DucatusX #DUCX #blockchain and is bringing back the pizza renaissance using #web3 technology Check it out https://t.co/ab7iYaCBLV
  13. Guys! Do you know that #DucatusX #Indonesia community bounty relaunch reward pool worth $2,500? Participate and win this reward pool Join the TG: https://t.co/nHVGIQ7qEN You can learn more https://t.co/QbGRJCR9U8
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  15. Purchase #AA+ and $QMN from #DucatusX #blockchain. There is alot to benefits from this token. Purchase Now https://t.co/HJV6iX7xa2
  16. Guys! DucatusX #Giveaway #Bounty is live! To celebrate the launch of Ducatus #Indonesian community, they are giving away a reward pool of 20,000 $DUCX and $500 USDT Read full details here https://t.co/VyRa08DlOu Retweet and tag 3 people
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  19. Hi everyone!! Check out the result for #DucatusX community polls to vote their favorite #DRC20 token, with #QMN, #AA+, and #GOLDMV as the options. By the end of the poll, the AA+ DEX token was the most voted with an aggregate score of 74% from Twitter, Telegram, Discord, & Instagram polls combined.
  20. Hold AA+ tokens and stake them on AA+DEX starting 1/2/2023. Upon the launch of AA+ DEX, trading fees earned by the exchange will be distributed amongst wallets that are staking AA+ token AA+ is now available for purchasehttps://t.co/xih3qERWGp
  21. Be part of the most reliable #Cryptocurency Exchange. Benefits lots of opportunities through Sales Dash, AA+ and #QMN token on the #DucatusX #blockchain Purchase now https://t.co/xih3qERWGp
  22. Buy $QMN token, the first DRC20 token to deploy on the #DucatusX #DUCX #blockchain and is bringing back the pizza renaissance using #web3 technology Visit the website https://t.co/VhtrX8RKjd Also purchase is here https://t.co/xih3qESuvX
  23. Checked out the two DRC20 tokens deployed to the DucatusX #DUCX blockchain. AA+ and #QMN. There are great opportunities to earn huge Visit the website https://t.co/VhtrX8RKj
  24. #Umetaworld is gaining massive adoption across the Globe, you can check and confirm the enormous potential possessed by this Metaverse #Crypto. Top analysts has predicted that @UMetaWorld will hit 50X in the next bull run
  25. Buy $QMN token and thank me later, the first DRC20 token to deploy on the #DucatusX #DUCX blockchain and is bringing back the pizza renaissance using #web3 technology Visit the website https://t.co/VhtrX8RKjd
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