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Found 9 results

  1. Join the @BiconomyCom 2000 #USDT #FREEBONUS, 6 more days to go DucatusX #DUCX is now listing on @BiconomyCom, trading will commence on 21/12/2022 at 10:00 UTC. Check:https://t.co/sXjZePAkRy
  2. Guys! DucatusX #Giveaway #Bounty is live! To celebrate the launch of Ducatus #Indonesian community, they are giving away a reward pool of 20,000 $DUCX and $500 USDT Read full details here https://t.co/VyRa08DlOu Retweet and tag 3 people
  3. Get 5% discount if you pay with #QMN. #QMN will be accepted as official payment in participating pizzerias, especially pizzerias and pizza suppliers affiliated with the Meta Pizzeria Network (MPN). Check it out here https://t.co/kwicVQ8nab
  4. The Invention of the #QMN Pizza is here. #QMN is the first DRC20 token to deploy on the #DucatusX #Blockchain. #QMN can be used for purchases of the #Pizza Heritage #NFT. Check it out https://t.co/hXIH3GcFDo
  5. #pizza is one of the most beloved creations from Italy. #QMN may be used for purchases of the Pizza Heritage NFT. Buyers using this mode of payment will enjoy exclusive discounts upon purchase. They also get access to a special pre-mint before the new NFT is launched to the public. Visit their website Today https://www.ducatus.com YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBjE5LLJQyMq6crQholohTQ
  6. The best #Crypto trending is #DucatusX cashless economy. #Ducatus will be launch on a decentralised crypto blockchain and users will be able to interact with it using a desktop or mobile interface. You can also get your favorite #pizza from #QMN Token. #QMN is a stable token valued at US$ 1 each. Visit their website Now and thank me later https://t.co/bb5Si7F4BF also Download the #Ducatus App Today Android: Ducatus Wallet - Apps on Google Play IOS: ‎Ducatus Wallet 2.0 YouTube: Ducatus Global
  7. Have you heard about #DucatusX cashless economy. You can make the most of your investment by getting in contact with #Ducatus and following their advice. visit their website Today https://t.co/vrqK0kUtEM YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBjE5LLJQyMq6crQholohTQ
  8. Have you ever wondered why #DucatusX keeps propelling #Ducatus is the future of #Crypto world and the bussiness will eanale holders to enjoy real value outside the #cryptocurrency communities. Check it out here https://t.co/hXIH3FV4LQ
  9. You can now buy luxurious properties in Dubai with $DUC and these properties are located in choice locations in Dubai making the real estate sector in Dubia competitive and attractive check out ducatus.com for more info
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