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[SPONSORED] SafePal the First Tokenized Hardware Wallet Backed by Binance

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SafePal represents a new generation of innovative crypto asset storage solutions that offers not only safety, security, and affordability but interoperability as well as convenience. SafePal’s innovative hardware wallet and software wallet app allows users to store crypto assets from the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance BNB, and 17 other mainnet coins as well as 10,000+ tokens.

As the crypto industry continues to grow, accessibility to high-level crypto security needs to be affordable for not only developed countries but also developing markets. SafePal aims to assist the emerging markets by offering a high-value product at an affordable price. SafePal is backed and invested by Binance, complimenting each other in driving greater crypto adoption. SafePal has integrated the Binance Dex as well as Binance Spot Trading directly into the SafePal App allowing hardware wallet users to
conveniently trade their crypto assets.

“The security of user assets always remains top priority throughout our product and business activities. Lowering the hurdle for users to own and use a safe hardware wallet in an easy and user friendly way is one of the unique values we identified when we looked into SafePal products.” Binance’s VP of Mergers & Acquisitions, Ling Zhang

Innovative Features

As a light, portable air-gapped hardware wallet, SafePal S1 is the perfect device for users on the go. The solutions offered by SafePal not only opens the way for users to have an affordable hardware wallet solution but also access to the latest crypto industry offerings. SafePal is fully compatible with more than 1,000 DeFi solutions like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Aave, Curve and Compound. DeFi represents a decentralized solution to finance therefore many of the participants want access to decentralized wallet solutions to protect their assets while being able to securely participate.

The innovative NFT segment of the crypto industry has recently experienced rising asset prices, causing artists and collectors to search for a safe decentralized haven for their NFT assets. As one of the most NFT compatible hardware wallets in the industry, supporting NFT platforms like Openseas, Rarible, and Sandbox, SafePal wallet can store ERC721, ERC1155 and BSC NFTs. SafePal will strategically offer NFT integration
for the industry to continue serving this segment of the industry with secure and convenient storage solutions.

Acting as a gateway for crypto adoption, SafePal aims to do this by providing a truly innovative ecosystem with its service and product offerings. As the first tokenized hardware wallet in the industry, it is important for SafePal to create unique and innovative utilities for crypto users. The recent introduction of SFP token will assist SafePal in achieving its mission of rapidly educating, and onboarding a new generation
of users into the crypto industry through innovative incentives.

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