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Reactjs vs React Native

Jean Forest

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Considering the features and advantages of Reactjs and React Native, getting confused between them can be pretty obvious. Both power the widely used and most popular websites and applications across different industries and niches. The ReactJS and React Native app costs are factors to keep in mind while choosing between the two. Therefore, here, we will look into the features and some prominent advantages of the technology. ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library for creating user interfaces for web applications. It has many advantages, firstly that it’s easy to use and learn. It has reusable components, and every one of them has its logic. Next, with Virtual DOM, ReactJS provides enhanced performance. Lastly, ReactJS supports many tools that make the developers’ tasks easier and more understandable.

Moving towards React Native, it’s an open-source JavaScript framework for mobile application development on Windows, iOS, and Android. React Native is a lot similar to React. The only difference is that it uses native elements rather than web components as the building blocks. Mainly, it targets mobile platforms rather than browsers. To make the best choice between the two, it is advisable to map the pros and cons alongside the project’s scope and requirements.

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