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What's new in Android 12 for developers?


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Android has brought a plethora of new awesome features for the developers. This guide will provide insights on some of the most significant changes and beneficial features for the developers. Android has revamped the existing widgets API to enhance the developer experience in the launchers and the platforms. It has launched a unified API that allows your app to get rich content from the available sources keyboard, drag & drop, or clipboard. Furthermore, Android has introduced a new app launch animation for apps that include an into-app from the launch point, transition to the app, and splash screen with the app icon.


Android 12 has also introduced a command for rounded corners, which provides a center point and radius for rounded corners. Moving on, the toolset to create informative UI informative haptic, delightful and immersive effects for gaming and other haptics for productivity. On that note, Android has introduced many benefits for game developers; there's an addition of expressive effects such as low tick that can take advantage of a broad frequency bandwidth of the actuators.


With Android 12, the game developers will be allowed to access different, multiple platforms for different haptic effects or the same effect synchronously over multiple actuators. In the same context, it offers more immersive and advanced audio and game experiences. The Game Mode interventions and Game Mode API allows optimizing the gameplay by prioritizing characteristics, like battery life and performance, based on game-specific configurations or user's settings. What's more, Android 12 has introduced AppSearch, which is an on-device high-performance search engine, as a system service. All these features collectively have improved the overall functionality of the system, providing a seamless and fantastic experience to the users.

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