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Features of a Successful Exchange Platform:

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According to CoinMarketCap, exchanges now claim daily trading volumes in the billions of dollars. This demonstrates the market’s tremendous desire for various cryptocurrencies. But what constitutes a successful exchange? The following are the common characteristics shared by the various market leaders:

Registration Simplified: Complicated signup procedures tend to turn off new users. As a result, several platforms provide a simplified signup procedure that includes social network login choices.
Fees are low: Most platforms aim to either remove or limit transaction fees to low rates. This encourages consumers to carry out numerous orders at the same time.
Protocols for Security: This element may either build or ruin a platform. As a result, several precautions are taken to safeguard users and networks from external threats such as hack assaults. The presence of better security infrastructure contributes significantly to the credibility of an exchange.
Support for many currencies: It is typical for an exchange to provide a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, from the most popular to the most obscure. This attracts clients from a variety of backgrounds and promotes trade.

Transactions That Are Automated: Cryptocurrency is a very volatile market that necessitates the trader’s continual attention. Some platforms have begun to provide trading bots, which may be designed to automatically make orders depending on certain factors. This allows consumers to have more mobility while also increasing the platform’s trade volumes.
Simple Liquidation: Users choose exchanges that allow them to deposit and withdraw funds in real-time. Furthermore, many companies accept a range of payment options such as net banking, debit/credit cards, and even cryptocurrencies.

Read More@ https://medium.com/the-money-plot/steps-to-follow-when-launching-a-cryptocurrency-exchange-b5857a102903

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