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How to start an Effective ICO Platform?


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For many startups, ICO is a tempting endeavor.  It takes a lot of hard work to launch a successful ICO. To start an ICO Platform successfully, you must be aware of What ICO is, ICO Types, and its advantages.  

Let us have a quick view of it

What is ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering is a method to raise funds for your crypto venture. Many Startups use ICO to raise funds through conventional financial organizations such as banks.

Types Of ICO

Private ICO:

Private Initial Coin Offering means that you engage a limited number of investors to raise capital. You can also choose the amount of minimum investment required to join your ICO.

Public ICO:

Public Initial Coin Offering is similar to IPO. It can be referred to as crowdfunding aiming to draw institutional investors and the general public. However, private ICOs are way more practical than public ones because of regulatory considerations.

Advantages Of ICO Platform

ICOs present startups with an opportunity to raise funds faster.
The funds are raised without the stringent regulations required to access capital through conventional banks.
Investors can purchase tokens and sell them when the coins enter the market and the price goes up.
ICOs provide users with an opportunity to participate in the governance of crypto projects, especially those using the proof of stake (PoS) mechanism. PoS is a consensus protocol that requires users to buy some stakes in the form of native coins to participate in the mining and governance of a crypto network.

Knowing about ICO in detail will help you to launch your ICO Platform effectively. Launch your ICO Platform in 5 Simple Steps >>>> This Blog has a detailed view of the steps to launch your ICO Platform Successfully.

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