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ReactJS & Its Advantages For Web Development


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Launched in 2013, The Second most loved framework by developers. It has already marched toward becoming the top framework as the number of users is increasing with each day passing.

Many big brands like Netflix, Facebook, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Airbnb have used this framework. If we talk about websites built with reactjs. The number is crossed 10 crores and this number is increasing significantly. 

Reactjs is an open-source javascript library. Developers are leveraging this amazing framework to create an amazing & highly interactive user interface. You can enjoy many perks with this amazing framework like you can increase overall productivity, shorten development time, and reduce development and maintenance costs. 

Virtual DOM - The most appreciated feature of all time in the world of software development. In which a virtual copy of UI is kept in memory and synced with real DOM. 

Hot Reloading - Another amazing feature of reactjs that allows developers to see the changes they have made without reloading the app.


For More Information: Advantages of Using ReactJS

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