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Let’s talk about the development of the Initial DEX Offering now. Projects are promoted to the general public via launchpad or platforms dedicated to IDO. Under some conditions, investors like you and me can purchase tokens before they are accessible on the market. The IDO token is now available on DEX. There are two types of public sale procedures:

1. The issuer places limited sell orders at progressively higher price levels.

2. The issuer holds an auction, resulting in a sale price determined by demand and supply.

Automated market maker (AMM)-based exchanges such as Uniswap and Balancer are used for listing. To create a liquid secondary market for a token, an issuer uses its tokens and proceeds from sales to create pool liquidity.

Liquidity incentivization is a term that refers to a range of initiatives that the token issuer might use to encourage people to use their product or service. Nowadays, mining is prevalent, and it can provide significant incentives for individuals to support the platform

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