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Direct ARI Staking Pool


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If you have ARI you can participate in the Direct ARI Staking pool at https://pool.ari.finance/

At the moment the dAPP website only allow the user to stake all of their ARI. Next post will show how to specify the amount by interacting with the contract on Etherscan.


Click on Direct ARI Staking and then click on Unlock


Confirm you want to unlock on Metamask.


Wait for confirmation to happen.


Click Stake tokens to stake all of your ARI.


Confirm and wait for confirmations, and you are now staking Denarii Token. Next Post for how to interact with the contract itself to specify how much you want to stake.

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Instead of staking all of your ARI like above, you can also interact directly with the contract on Etherscan.

Click Go to contract.


Once on Etherscan click Contract tab -> Write Contract -> Connect to Web3


In this example I will be staking 1000 ARI. You want to add 8 decimal places to this and then click Write. Example being for 1000 ARI is below



After clicking Write and it works, You should see View your transaction


Wait for confirmation, once confirmed refresh the pool page to see your new stats.



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