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Chess Polygon - best play to earn chess crypto game?


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One of the most promising and ambitious projects that have brought together chess, blockchain, and cryptocurrency is Chess Polygon.

Chess Polygon is a play to earn chess crypto game on the Polygon blockchain, where players earn STEIN tokens for victories over opponents. The game developers have opted out of using NFTs and propose using a single token for any interactions within the crypto chess ecosystem.

The project introduces new concepts such as "intellectual staking" and "intellectual mining." The idea is very simple and straightforward. To earn tokens, players are invited to stake a certain amount of STEIN, and rewards for victories are based on the balance of the staking wallet. It is important to understand that the process of intellectual mining implies that upon winning, a player receives a reward, but upon defeat, they do not lose tokens.


This option provides absolute flexibility and freedom, allowing the player to invest in themselves as much as they want, as much as they believe in their chess skills. At the same time, they can withdraw tokens from staking either partially or entirely at any time.

Chess Polygon has launched the first-of-its-kind crypto chess Testnet, where anyone can receive test tokens and try their hand at intellectual mining completely free of charge.

The idea of creating a play to earn chess crypto game is not new, but in this case, the developers are employing a completely new approach to the reward allocation mechanics, which we haven't seen in other projects before. The developments of Chess Polygon are undeniably very interesting and promising.
Website: https://chesspolygon.com/

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