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Spree The NFT Market With A Creator-Friendly Foundation Clone


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A complete package to appreciate and encourage creators and their talents, Foundation like NFT trading platforms are exclusively user friendly to explore. Entrepreneurs in the sector who are willing to explore the market with NFT and various digital assets. Developing your Foundation Clone can be an ideal tool to boost your business. 

What is Foundation Clone? 
Foundation, as you know, is a digital asset trading platform promoting creators and artists to explore their boundaries on the NFT marketplace. Whereas Foundation clone is a sterile solution similar to the app, we help you infuse advanced technology and bring in many customizations into the platform through White label solutions. At INORU, our solutions are simplified that facilitate a long-term boost to your business. Moreover, allowing your users and creators to do all types of trade, including digital art, music, video, punks, tweets, domains, etc. 

Features of Foundation Clone
1. Captivating store font to attract the attention of users.
2. Advanced search filters to ease the search and provide exclusive results.
3. Easy minting process to easily convert their assets into tokens in the platforms.
4. Various categories of assets to easily classify the assets.
5. Multi-wallet integration function to encourage users as it eases transactions.
6. Simplified profile creation options with all the possibilities to easy KYC and profile setting options
Final Verdict

At INORU, we help you with various aspects to grow your business, and our position doesn't end with developing your Foundation Clone. In the process, you get to experience multiple advantages, including NFT expertise, Multi-chain development, Stringent Testing, and post launch support. And for further details, reach out to us now!

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