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IIoT Hardware and Connectivity


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IIoT Hardware
IIoT hardware includes devices such as routers, gateways, and modules that enable connectivity and data collection from industrial assets. When selecting IIoT hardware, it is crucial to choose ruggedized devices that can withstand harsh industrial environments. Additionally, consider power efficiency, as many industrial environments may lack access to mains electricity. The ability to extract data from legacy industrial assets using different communication protocols is also essential. Look for hardware solutions that can integrate with various industrial protocols, such as Modbus or CANopen, to ensure seamless connectivity and data extraction.
IIoT Connectivity
Connectivity is the backbone of any IIoT solution, enabling data transmission from industrial assets to the cloud. Traditional SIM cards designed for consumer devices are not suitable for IIoT use cases. Instead, look for solutions that offer specialized IoT SIM cards designed specifically for industrial applications. These SIM cards provide multi-operator coverage, global pricing, and reliable performance, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for your industrial assets. Additionally, consider solutions that offer secure connectivity options, such as VPN tunnels or private APNs, to protect data transmission and enhance overall security.

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