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Channel - https://t.me/CryptoHotWin

Hello everyone, I decided to sell the channel because I need to move from one country to another, this niche with which I could afford to buy everything, the channel is very profitable if you approach your actions with your head and correctly.

Channel monetization:
First, a VIP channel with private forecasts is connected to the channel, people who are interested in increasing income buy this channel from you "The minimum entry price is $ 145, the maximum entry price is $ 450" - you can increase the price for the VIP channel after the purchase.

Secondly, the sale of advertising on the channel, the cryptocurrency niche is very much appreciated, so every day you can advertise several projects of people who will be interested in it.

These are two listed sources of income, if you have a developed strategy, you will not be left with anything, so buy a channel and earn.

Price: $ 2499 (payback makismum month if you invest a lot of effort)
Payment in cryptocurrency only
I agree to a guarantor at your expense

After the purchase, you get the channel completely "Owner" become.

Write to me in tg if you still have questions - https://t.me/lil17_th

A channel with inanimate subscribers, after the purchase you will have to continue to develop the channel in order to attract real users to buy a VIP channel or advertising in the channel

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