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  • The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), France's apex market regulator, has endorsed internationally harmonized rules surrounding DeFi.
  • The AMF paper offers a preliminary look into the multifaceted regulatory issues spawned by the inherently decentralized and disintermediated protocols that define DeFi.
  • The paper explores the murky depths of DeFi, offering insights into the workings of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and smart contracts, both pivotal elements in the transacting landscape of DeFi.
  • The AMF paper concludes by calling for further research into the regulatory implications of DeFi, as well as international cooperation on the matter.

AMF is willing to engage with DeFi and its potential to shape the future of financial regulation. The paper's insights into the workings of DAOs and smart contracts will be valuable to regulators and businesses alike as they grapple with the challenges of regulating DeFi.

Here are some additional key points:

  • The AMF paper acknowledges that DeFi is a rapidly evolving ecosystem and that it is difficult to predict its future trajectory.
  • The paper also notes that DeFi poses a number of regulatory challenges, such as the lack of intermediaries and the use of smart contracts.
  • However, the AMF paper also sees potential benefits to DeFi, such as its ability to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • Ultimately, the AMF paper calls for a cautious approach to regulating DeFi, with a focus on international cooperation.

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