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Should I invest in crypto currencies?

Rick Morris

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Cryptocurrencies investment is surrounded by many stories of success and some restraining factors. So before making a decision about an investment, it’s really crucial to learn about the process, types of currencies, which are the benefits and the possible risks. So basically cryptocurrency is an encrypted code, which allows to conduct financial transactions and is totally decentralized and very secure.

About other defining features:

But how does the cryptocurrency work?

1. Requested transaction;
2. The validation;
3. Adding the new block the existing blockchain;
4. Voila! The transaction is done!

Needless to say that you should learn properly how it works before starting investing.

Now it’s time to understand the value of cryptocurrency investments. Even those who stated that “cryptocurrencies weren't a real thing” (ex. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan) - are launching their own cryptocurrency

And here is why:

1. Totally virtual currency.

This feature allows greater agility and speed of transactions.

2. Impressive Returns.

Let’s compare Bitcoin’s rate of return with that of S&P 500 stocks - the leading indicator of the performance of U.S. since 2016. That means $10,000 invested in early 2016 in U.S. stocks would grow to $12,000. But if you invested in Bitcoin, you would be worth a whopping $60,000!

And the nicest thing is that worthy to invest is not just Bitcoin, but another cryptocurrencies as well!

3. Becomes acceptable.

Every month the crypto space has many partnerships and merchants accepting different cryptos as a form of payment.

4. Not more volatile then any another types of inverstment.

That volatility is where you can make a lot of money and actually investing in paper valued markets is no less ‘risky’ than investing in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has only had one negative year since 2013, falling around 50% in price. A 50% loss may seem extraordinary but if you implemented patience over the next couple of years you would’ve been up over 2,500%.

5. Decentralized.

There is no borders limitation for cryptocurrency transactions.

For sure it’s needed to remember about the risks such as absence of governamental security (if your account will be cracked or stock exchange closed, state won’t return you money), not having an opportunity to cancel unauthorized transactions and privacy that can breed unsavory activity.

But what can you do to avoid the mentioned risks and costs?

In my opinion, it’s better to invest in the cryptocurrency that you can understand and which will be connected to the activities you do in daily life.

I know most of you might have heard about Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency but do not really know how to go about making more profit off it. I have also been trading and currently have few cryptocurrency portfolio but I was not making enough profit off it until I came across CryptoStakerFX Cryptocurrency Investment Platform where I earn 40% profit on my invested cryptocurrency. I got to know more about CryptoStakerFX Cryptocurrency Investment Platform during my researches on how to earn more on cryptocurrency and after checking the reviews online, I was convinced enough that this is a legit platform to invest my crypto and so far, it has been good experience. You can also check them out if you are interested to earn more aside your daily business.

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