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3 Types of Security Tokens You Should Know in 2023!


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As we know, the two most well-known crypto tokens in the crypto industry are utility tokens and security tokens. Comparing these two, many peoples are familiar with security tokens because it gives higher security and liquidity to the underlying asset. 


“A security token is a unique type of crypto tokens that represents an any external or real-time assets”


Mainly, these security tokens can be used in crowdfunding platforms such as security token offering to raise funds securely. Basically, it is performed by emerging startups and entrepreneurs who are having an idea to develop their businesses to reach the success. Here are the best three types of security tokens, 


  1. Debt token
  2. Equity token
  3. Asset token 


Debt Token


Debt tokens are the most prevalent type of security token. It signifies debt or money similar to short-term loans with an interest rate for a certain principal amount lent to the company. 


Equity Token


Equity tokens represent the value of a company's shares issued on the blockchain. It offers many benefits to their token holders. The only important difference between equity tokens and traditional shares is how ownership identity is registered.


Asset-backed Token


Asset-backed crypto tokens are created by backing any real-world assets such as real estate, art, gold, etc. so, it allows the user to hold ownership right over that particular asset in a digital form. Due to its valuable benefits and security measures, many crypto preneurs show their interest in creating asset-backed tokens. 


To create security token for fundraising, analyze the whole process of creating security tokens and their use value in depth. However, most crypto startups and business people create their security tokens with the help of quality rich Crypto token creation services. As a result, you may create your security tokens without having any coding knowledge. Find them now!


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