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With today's technology, one can start a crypto-based business instantly in this fast-paced world. Some may have sufficient funds to develop the software, while others with limited resources will opt for White-label crypto exchange software. Both are effective in their respective ways.


Startup entrepreneurs with limited funds who invest in cryptocurrency exchange development rarely see much rain in their pockets. Because developing the software requires nearly half or more of their budget.


A white-label cryptocurrency exchange is software that manages and operates trading platforms that can be branded by the buyer. It enables businesses to set up their crypto trading platform quickly and easily without having to build it from the ground up.


Furthermore, white-label exchange platform software is user-friendly, secure, and highly customizable. It includes automated order matching, liquidity management tools, real-time market data feeds, API integration with external services, and other features.


In general, when developing your platform with white-label crypto exchange software, the following features should be checked or included:


1. Margin Trading

2. IEO Launchpad

3. Built-in Wallet 

4. Payment Gateway 

5. Liquidity API

6. Atomic Swaps

7. Effective admin panel

8. User Panel

9. TradeView Chart API

10. Matching Engine

11. Referral Program

12. KYC Verification

12. Security Features and more


Businesses can focus on their core competencies while outsourcing software development by investing in white-label crypto exchange software. This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while outsourcing software development to experts.

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